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Amazing Diamond Angel Pendants For Necklaces

Amazing Diamond Angel Pendants For Necklaces

The idea of a guardian angel has been embedded into western culture just like Santa Claus is. Whether by the influence of religion or folklore, it symbolizes someone who cares for you and will be there when you need them the most. This popular concept has always been portrayed in the fashion industry in one way or the other. If you are looking for something similar to add to your collection, finding a diamond angel necklace online is as easy as searching it on google.

Amazing Diamond Angel Pendants For Necklaces

What is the Concept Behind Guardian Angel?

In religious texts, angels are busy with the tasks given to them by the Almighty and perform them to efficiency, while a guardian angel has been associated with the task of only protecting and looking after the person they are attached to since birth. This concept approach has been in our history since the beginning of the time when men could write or explain this concept to each other. 

How Does Guardian Angel Symbolism Work?

It is not a mere chance that many fashion and industries find new ways to incorporate guardian angel designs into their products. Maybe it is just another form of consumerism, or it has a deeper meaning in all this symbolism. Nonetheless, the following are some important cruxes that are associated with these angels:

Being Alone – When you are all alone, He is with you, loves you, and watches over you. In comparison, most religions associate this with the Almighty; many cultures associate this with the concept of guardian angel, which comforts them and brings positivity into their lives.

The Fight of Good Vs. Evil – The guardian angel symbolizes greater glory and keeps you on the right path without letting you falter in doing wrong. This is a powerful message that even after all the evil in this world, goodwill always overcomes evil.

The Purity of Innocence – Most guardian angels are depicted as small young babies with wings that symbolize innocence and purity but are ready to impart wrath who choose to spread mischief. 

Strength and Power – Believing in a higher being brings strength to your being and gives you a feeling of selflessness that won’t deter you from the right path. Believing in the Almighty brings everything into perspective about the meaningless pursuit of ordinary attractions of this life.

Types of Guardian Angel or Cherub Pendants:

Types of Cherub, another representation of Guardian angel in the form of a baby, are more often associated with types of jewelry more than what they signify. Secondly, it can be a female with lustrous hair and wings, sometimes cupid, or even a soft baby cherub. Depending on your tastes, they can be a representation of them in the form of a statue or much subtler in the form of an outline with a halo on top. Let’s see some of the different types:

Bracelet – Sometimes, it can be in the form of pendants hanging from the chains of the bracelet or attached by the chains on both sides. It is always a great way to keep the symbol close to you.

Pendants – Most commonly attached with necklaces and neck chains depicted in different forms and different designs. Most people keep the chain medium-sized when wearing the guardian angel as they want the pendant as close to their heart as possible.

Earrings – While incorporating them in the earrings, wings or flowing are the easiest or small medallions as the actual statue around your ears might make them a bit irritating. 

How to Choose the Perfect Guardian Angel Pendant for You?

There is a lot of lore and perception out there that attaching the symbolism with certain gemstones can personify the trait of the gem and provide an enhanced feeling of security or the particular attribute on you. Let’s discuss some ways in which you can choose the best for you.

By the Birth Month – The gemstones embedded in the Guardian angel pendant have more than one attribute it emanates when chosen for your month of birth. The birthstone for June/July is the moonstone. When coupled with a guardian angel pendant, it can help you prosper in changing your location, like moving into a new house or starting a new career, by soothing your emotions and giving confidence. Similarly, Carnelian is the birthstone for May/Sept/Jan, and these red gems are believed to hold courage and sexuality, providing you physical strength in whatever you do.

Supporting a Challenging Task – As the guardian angel’s main purpose is to protect you, the guardian angel helps protect your interest, giving you a sense of confidence.

What are some Amazing Pendants For Necklaces?

Following are some great examples of diamond angel pendant both for protection and for a statement incorporating the shiniest cut of the diamond in their design.

Baby Angel Charm – This charm is a 14K gold pendant which is mini in size, weighing only 14g while made of solid gold showcasing 0.7 carats of diamonds studded on the wings. This mini diamond pendant costs $1,250. 

Gold Angel Wings Studded with Diamonds – This guardian angel pendant is a set of wings attached with a cross housing a crown on the top made from gold in all its glory. The crown and the wings are studded with 0.4 carat round diamonds on this 14K gold pendant. This one cost about $600.

Baby Angel Gold Medallion – This medallion is from the men’s collection made with pure 10K gold having a silhouette of the baby angel in the middle of the talisman encircled by sixteen circles of rough-cut sparkling diamonds for this statement jewelry. This medallion costs about $2,000.


Powerful symbols have always been around in our history, portraying strong meaning and messages giving us hope and courage while, in certain cases, fear. These symbols hold a great value in our culture and society, which tells us great stories and information about our past. The act of accepting our past has brought these symbols into our daily lives as part of regular rituals. Guardian angels are one of these rituals that guide us towards a more seemingly fulfilling life.


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