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An Amateur’s Guide to Boating

An Amateur’s Guide to Boating

Boating calls for your spirit of adventure. It grants you the freedom to explore. It doesn’t matter whether you owe a boat, or plan to rent one, remember to do and bring a few things.

Following, we guide will help you understand the basic requirements of boating:

Proof of Competency

If you own a boat or rent one, you need the proof of competency. It is a marine certificate or Pleasure Craft Operator card. These documents show you know the basics of boating and acknowledge the regulations of Canadian Waterways.

To obtain these certificates, pass a boat safety test via an accredited source.

Things You Should Bring to Every Trip

Never forget any basic supply. Before you leave the dock, check your stuff and make sure you have everything you need. Following are a few things you should have on you everything you go on a boating trip:

  • Dry Clothes and Extra Towels
  • A First Aid Kit
  • Clean Drinking Water and Snacks
  • A Water Filter
  • Sunscreen to Protect Your Skin
  • Boat Safety Kit for Emergencies

Safety Kit

Prepare yourself for emergencies. You never know what could happen like an Engine Fail or you may run out of fuel. Get a Boat Safety Kit to deal with these situations as the following supplies can help you during a hurdle:

  • Bailing Device to scoop water out of a leaking vessel
  • A Long rope to toss another boat if you need a two
  • LED Flashlight with batteries to signal if you are stuck night
  • Whistle in case you need to draw attention of nearby boaters

Bring Important Documents

Bring important paperwork on every boat trip. The paperwork will help you stay out of trouble if you get close to the border, or if authorities ask to see your identification. Make sure the following documents are with you all times:

Boat Registration: These documents include insurance paperwork or rental papers. Make sure these papers are up to date and won’t expire anytime soon. The insurance should also be up to date and you must have rental paperwork always if you are going for a long trip.

Travel Insurance: With a good health insurance plan, you need a travel insurance as it has different levels of policies all flexible and affordable according to your needs. Contact aceboater for more details.

Passport:This is like traveling in a car, you need special license that allows you to travel. These documents are inspected by marine guards and have more weight than local licenses.  Check the expiration date before leaving because you don’t want to get in trouble for expired documents.

Safety Cards: You need it to operate a marine vessel. Undergo several courses to learn etiquettes of water and boating. Pass all tests and learn about the following:

  • Different Types of Boat and Their Equipment
  • Correct Side to Pass
  • Life Saving Equipment
  • VHF Radio Protocols
  • Decoding Signals
  • Insurance

If you are get into an accident, understand the basics will help you make informed decisions when you file your case and claim for insurance.



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