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An essential guide to understanding different types of bail bonds

An essential guide to understanding different types of bail bonds

When talking about bail, all the types and bonds do not get equally created. There are different typologies of bail bonds available before the defendant. From security bond to property bond to citation release, the list never ends. Each of these types of bail bonds has numerous pros and cons. They have varied requirements that you have to keep in mind when you are the defendant. Experts have broken down each of these categories for the convenience of the readers.

Surety bonds

The most standard form of all the bail bonds is surety bonds. You will get these bonds directly from the bail bond company, and it costs around 10% of the total bail amount. Although the margin differs from one state to the other, the standard one is 10%. Sometimes the bail amount is so high that it is difficult for the defendant to pay for it. It is here that they get in touch with bail bonds companies for purchasing these surety bonds and paying off their bail amount. The procedure of acquiring these surety bonds differs from one company to the other. Hence you will have to take a look at their website to understand the criteria.

Property bonds

These days bail bond agents are taking an interest in property bonds: these bonds or a typology in which the defendant’s property becomes the collateral. For setting up the property bond, you must use the full rights of a particular property. These days’ real estate is widely used as collateral and accepted by different agencies. Only a bail bond agent will be able to provide you with the best understanding of property bonds. They are learned individuals who have a background in this regard.

Citation release

When a person gets charged with traffic offenses, they get a citation release. These individuals do not come under custody, but they have the charges on them. These discharges depend on the discretion of citing officers who take responsibility for the case. Hence, individuals do not have the right to appeal or apply for these citation release bonds. Here, you require the help of the Connecticut Bail Bonds Group; they understand the terms and conditions of these release documents.

Cash bail

One of the most distinguished and well-known kinds of bail are known as cash bonds. As the name suggests, people pay these bail bonds in cash. When you are the defendant, getting the cash bond is the best option before you. When you have the professional by your side, they will try to negotiate your case against these bail bonds. It is because they have multiple reasons which make these bail bonds a suitable option.

Lastly, you can look at federal bail bonds and immigration bail bonds. Remember that the terms and conditions of these differ from one country to the other. Hence, it is always advisable to have a professional agent by your side who understands the nitty-gritty of judicial proceedings. They will help you handle the situation in an appropriate manner. 


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