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An insight into the 14-days Liver Detox by Li Kung

An insight into the 14-days Liver Detox by Li Kung

With the fast pacing life and the unhealthy environment that people nowadays live in, it has become a lot hard for people to catch up with the basic health necessities of life. From the unhealthy eating habits to the lack of focus on a proper exercise routine, we never take care of our health. This is one of the primary reasons for the growth of diseases and poor health conditions in today’s time. The 14 days Liver Detox program is the perfect way to gain back control of the deteriorating condition of your health and it starts with the liver. It has been written by Daniel Marshall who drew this inspiration when he saw a 91-year old man strikingly far healthier than him.

What does the program entails?

The author of the program, Dan, suffered a severe cause of cardiac arrest and was admitted in the hospital where he met Li Kung and came to see the healthy ways that the 91 year old opts to lead a healthy life. It was then that he went on and started his research encircling the health conditions and ended on naming one after his inspiration.

Unlike the other detox programs, this one doesn’t focus on giving you the perfect abs or body shape directly but aims to focus more on guiding you through a healthier lifestyle. The program’s primary focus is on one of the most neglected yet one of the most important organs of the body, Liver. This 14 days program focuses on how to gain back a healthy lifestyle by focusing on the proper functioning of the liver.

What does the program contains?

Now that we have got a bit of an insight into what the program is about, let us take a look on some of the primary focuses of this program.

  • The Li Kung 14 days detox program is 124 pages PDF document that sources all the information that a person needs to in order to lead a very healthy life.
  • The first thing it focuses on is the importance of liver and the proper functioning of the same. It focuses on how to better the body functions and how the liver plays a very important role in the metabolism of one’s body.
  • It also focuses on the correlation of the mind and the body. It depicts ways to induce discipline in your mind and helps in strengthening the body and mind connection.
  • One of the most helpful and fun thing in the program is the access to the 20+ smoothie recipe that you can get with the program. The ingredients that are used and focused on in these recipes are the ones which help in improving the liver functions. They also increase your anti-oxidant intake which is an added bonus because they help in getting rid of the toxins from the body in a very healthy way.
  • Apart from these highlights, it also educated you in the goods and the bads encircling the liver and the body and general.

There are a number of detox programs that are available in the market and while they use very synthetic ways to achieve the goal, the Li Kung 14 days Liver Detox is a complete healthy way to achieve the kind of success one seeks for in a healthy lifestyle. While we primarily focused on the overview and the important aspects of the program, you can get an in-depth knowledge about the same from


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