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An Unforgettable Experience For A Whiskey Fanatic

An Unforgettable Experience For A Whiskey Fanatic

A while back, we took a trip to the home of a beloved whiskey, and it was so awesome that we decided that it’s worth sharing here with you. Getting to know how your normal bottle has always been a dream for us, that’s something you need to know. That, as well as the fact that this is an experience that has to be lived to the fullest. If done right, we assure you that you’ll be talking about it for years after.

 –      A Little Something About the Distillery

 It’s in a little town called Lynchburg in Moore County, Tennessee. So, the population of the area isn’t really that large, and the attractions there are scarce. However, going there remains a must for every whiskey aficionado because it’s the home of the one and only Jack Daniel’s distillery. Plus, it’s an old, quaint town filled with the spirit of good ol’ southern hospitality and generosity. What’s not to like about that?

As for the actual distillery, it is huge, and there’s no need to even talk about how much whiskey is stored in their 80+ warehouses. Before going, we knew that it has been just a factory tour like any other. But we couldn’t be more wrong. See, while we did see the yard where they burnt the maple wood—which they then used in the production process—and the giant fermenters, we were also taken on a journey through the history of the man himself, Jack Daniel.

If you take the tour, you’ll get to see his office and an old safe. Now, if you’re already familiar with Jack Daniel’s life, there’s no need to tell you the importance of the safe, but we’ll tell you what’s the deal with it anyway, just in case. According to our tour guide, Daniel died of gangrene. What happened was that one day, he had forgotten the combination to his safe, and, in anger, he kicked it so hard that his toe broke. Unfortunately, it didn’t heal properly, and as time passed got infected, and the complications killed him.

And, of course, we couldn’t end the tour without tasting the good stuff. We were led to a tasting room where we not only got to taste most of the company’s products, but we were also introduced to the art of tasting. You could drink and swirl, however much you want, but it’s not just about that. You’ll know all about it in the tasting room, but what we can tell you is that the actual tasting happens during the second sip.

Overall, it was an amazing experience, but it was quite overwhelming due to the size of the distillery, and the distance from where we were staying in Nashville to Lynchburg. Luckily, though, we managed to avoid that bullet at the last second by booking a chauffeured tour with one company by the name of Tennessee Whiskey V.I.P.

–      What Was Unique About the Chauffeured Tour?

Having the option to customize our own itinerary was quite convenient because the last thing you want is having to stick to a schedule even while on vacation. Add to that, the Jack Daniels Limo Tour was in a fully electric Tesla, which was even more comfortable for us, and not only because of the car seats. Plus, we were offered a package that included lunch, as well as drinks. Needless to say, our chauffeur was nothing less than hospitable, friendly and patient with our every question, and that took our trip to the next level.

–      How Did It Affect the Experience?

As we said before, the company works with electric Tesla cars. Basically, these are amazing for the environment, and that’s something we’re all for. The other benefit is that electric cars have noticeably quieter engines when compared to fuel-powered engines, so, throughout our entire trip, we weren’t drowning in engine noises. In fact, after such a long day, the smooth, quiet ride was highly appreciated.

The day began with us getting picked up from where we were staying in Nashville—another appreciated thing about the package—and it was followed by an almost two-hour road trip to Lynchburg. That’s when we first realized how much of a lifesaver the limo tour was. It saved us a lot of time and trouble that would have been spent trying to find transportation. On a slightly negative note, as per the company’s website, we weren’t allowed to take bags with us, only wallets or fanny packs, but it wasn’t such a big deal.

On arrival, we found ourselves in front of an unexpectedly large distillery, but with our trusty Tesla, no distance was too big. Because just imagine being too tired from all the walking to actually enjoy the distillery. Being that relaxed actually paid off when it was time to try the whiskey. The package guaranteed us trying five of their carefully selected products. But the trip didn’t end there.

By the end of the distillery tour, we were already spent, and it was near lunchtime, so our chauffeur took us to Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding House, which, from what we heard, was exceedingly famous. And the reviews weren’t wrong. The food there was so amazing that it would be a shame to try to describe it. There you could find all the southern delights you could imagine; pure heaven. Finally, after we were thoroughly satisfied, our driver started the trip back to the hotel where we were able to peacefully slip into a well-needed food coma. 

All in all, the distillery tour itself was a blast, but what made it even better was being able to get there easily and comfortably. Nevertheless, if you’re planning to book a chauffeured tour, make sure you check their website to familiarize yourself with all the tour rules. Also, it is important that you notify the company of the ages of all group members prior to booking the package so that they can arrange a family-friendly visit if need be. With that being said, we do urge you to visit the distillery, especially if you’re a Jack fanatic.

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