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Applying for a Car Loan? Here’s What to Keep in Mind

Applying for a Car Loan? Here’s What to Keep in Mind

Buying a new car is extremely exciting. However, the process that goes into less so. There are many things to consider when buying, one of them is deciding how to finance it. If you decide on taking out a loan, you need to have a solid plan. Many people don’t do their research beforehand, and they end up with a poor deal. Here are some things you need to consider before applying for a loan.

Have a Clear Picture of Your Financial Situation

Before you take out a loan, you need to have a clear picture of your financial situation. You need to estimate the amount you will be able to pay, how much it would pay off in the long run, and the cost of all the extra expenses. Additionally, the car loan experts from Plenti have pointed out the importance of knowing your credit score. If you have a good score, you will be able to save up more than you initially thought. After you make a realistic financial plan, you should stick to it as much as possible.

How to Apply

There are many different ways to apply for a loan. You can always go for the dealership financing options, but they may not always give you the best offer. When applying, you will need to fill out an application with information about your finances. The lender will check your credit score, employment situation, income sources, information about possible debt, and other aspects that may affect your payments. It may take a while to get the approval, but there should be little to no impact on your credit score.

Dealership Financing

We previously mentioned that you can get a loan directly at the car dealership. Many people often make the mistake of taking it without considering any other option. This could lead to getting a bad deal, and even to some unpredictable additional expenses. Car dealers will always try to get out with the best deal possible for them, and you may end up stuck like a deer in the headlights. Don’t rush into anything and stand your ground. Take your time and explore all options.

The Amount You Can Get

The amount you get depends on many different factors. We have already mentioned your financial situation. It also depends on your age and employment status. The most common offer you will get is 80% to 90% of the amount, and some lenders will even offer to pay the full price. When you decide to get dealership financing, the amount also varies depending on the state of the car, additional charges, registration charges, and more.

Decide On the Most Trustworthy Lender

Many places offer lending services, so there is no reason to rush into the first one you encounter. The institutions that offer car loans are banks, finance companies, car dealerships, and more. Do your research and find out which one offers the best deal. Take the experience of others into consideration, but don’t let it be the deciding factor. The deal that suits the needs of your friend doesn’t necessarily need to suit you. Take a closer look at the fine print on the offer to avoid any unpredictable expenses.

Brand New Or Pre-Owned?

The previous ownership status of your desired vehicle also plays a huge role in what the loan terms will be. Some banks have connections with pre-owned car dealers and can offer you additional benefits for the loan. If you want to buy a brand new car, there are different fees you will need to pay. They usually cost more than the pre-owned ones, so the loan terms will change. Decide on what you want before applying for a loan.

Get Financing Before You Get the Car

Always obtain financing before buying the car. Buying first and thinking later could get you into a tricky financial situation. The cost of your loan should not interfere with your regular budget. Go to the dealership after you have already obtained the loan, and it will be a good bargaining chip. It will show them how serious of a buyer you are. With pre-approved loans, you will have no trouble with unexpected fees or straying too far from your budget.

Prepare All the Necessary Documentation

It is best to have all the documentation in one place before applying for a loan. You will need to prove your identity, your address, documents that prove your financial status, and potentially car documents. Also, you should prepare a copy of your driver’s license and insurance papers. Collect it all in advance, so that you don’t have to worry about additional complications later on. It is always best to come prepared. 

Avoid Long-Term Loans

Taking out a long-term loan could seem more appealing, but it could easily become a nuisance later on. You may think that a few years’ difference doesn’t mean much, but in loan repayment terms, it could mean that you will pay a much bigger price than the one stated at the beginning. Lesser monthly fees might seem attractive, but with the addition of interest rates going up as time goes by, you will pay double the price you have previously agreed to.

Calculate All Expenses Before You Sign the Papers

Be aware of even the smallest fee before you officially agree to anything. Many dealers will try to deceive you by avoiding to mention the additional fees and terms that come with the loan. Read everything before you sign, and be thorough with your research. Don’t be afraid to ask about any doubts you have to avoid misunderstandings. The most important thing is to be aware of the full picture before you take the deal.

Can You Get Out a Loan?

If you think you got a bad deal, there are legal ways to get out of the loan. However, there may be some additional early exit fees that will cost you almost as much as paying it off fully. That is why you should consider everything before you put your name down. Getting out of a deal is a long and tiring process and it is best to avoid it completely.

Be patient and thorough, and you won’t have any problems. Try to be on top of everything and prepare it all in advance. Buying a new car is an exciting experience and a cause for celebration, so be careful so that it doesn’t turn into a nightmare. 


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