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April Astrology

April Astrology

April starts out with Venus in Aries on the 5th. Venus is ruled by Mars which goes Retrograde on the 17th. So watch the way things are flowing. There is a new moon in Aries on the 7th so expect a 2-week forward motion push into personal or physical interests. The 5th is trigger date to  the solar eclipse of last month if there is still anything that needs to get now is the time.

Aries: You will feel oh so alive Birthday Baby! On the 23rd of March the eclipse will charged you with some dynamite energy. Get it done will be your motto. Take every opportunity to improve your daily routine. This month should be a most enjoyable one, as you pursue interests with gusto! The “I have arrived” attitude will serve you well. Make time and pay attention to your health regime. You can get a bit scrappy without the proper amount of sleep and healthy lifestyle choices. Enjoy!

Taurus: Exploding with the desire to create, you seek out all opportunities that allow you the freedom to do so. Leave your ego behind! Channel your create potential. Playing on those heart strings? Open those heart spaces up. This will allow you to enjoy a more fulfilled love life. Married or single you are romantic, playful and loving. Remember to pursue all with passion.

Gemini: Live in the Now! As frustrations sets in at work, things could appear a bit muddy. Focus on what needs to be done, now. Stay on coarse. Have some faith my clever Gemini’s and things will work out with some patience. Lean on your close friendships and family ties for support. This is actually a good thing, that you building closer relationships with family and loved ones.

Cancer:Consult the experts as You need expert advise to better build the foundation of your home and personal relationships. Managing your time and taking care of your health are top priorities. Finding a better solution to create balance in all the areas of your life is also a must. This spring you will work diligently. Hold your ground with loved ones, that tend to take advantage of your good nature. When you take a stand you will feel stronger mentally and physically. You will be very pleased with the outcome.

Leo: Spring makes you sunny and bright. You focus on building up your natural talents, developing new business opportunities and taking control of your natural surrounding, day to day activities and home life. You grow spiritually from traveling and sharing your experiences with others. Victory over health concerns, leaves you taking the extra time to pamper yourself with proper diet and sleep habits. You will be primped up and ready to go for a busy social summer. The Oscar is yours!

Virgo: Love Yourself and love your life! You find yourself peeling away many layers to get to the spiritual core of your being to discovering all the wonderful things about yourself. This is a very empowering experience. You will spend the next few months enjoying a new found freedom. Soak up these experiences, learn new cultures, engage in uncharted territory to discover what is really at the heart of it and you will see a side of you you have never known. This is Spring Cleaning at its best.

Libra: Heart space Libra, it is all about your emotional relationships this spring. On April 17th, Mercury is in retrograde. You need to pay attention to the fine details of you heart. Keep spiritually grounded and nurture yourself with some quite time. Financials can be a little tricky, so tie up loose ends. At the end of summer an opportunity is presented. The things you have put in place start to bloom. There will be a good amount of recognition and success.

Scorpio: Jupiter is in harmony with your sign until September. You will have a burst of energy that will boost your confidence levels, motivating you to put your plans into action. You achieve your desired goals. Mars in Retrograde from April 17th until June can cause some fuzziness to your plans making it appear to be rerouted. Step back and concentrate on the smaller details. You will find you have much success and clarity after the retrograde.

Sagittarius: You have gone through some growing pains. Maturity is a key word, as you are now gaining momentum in your career. You should pursue your goals with confidence for surely you are shining brightly. Your personal magnetism attracts opportunity and you might find yourself in public view. You are more in touch with your sensitive side and seek out trusted friends or professional support. It is time to push ahead so go for it! You will be called to pay a bit more attention to your personal relationships inlate spring/ early summer for they will need some nurturing.

Capricorn: Personal change is at the top of your list. This spring is about a new you. Others notice the change in you and they are very complimentary. There are many opportunities presented to advance your career. You are all about knowledge and learning new skills. You will connect strongly with your faith and stand up for what you believe in. You will inspire others and educate them through your experience and wisdom.

Aquarius: It’s all about relationships. You are now approaching things differently. The way you socialize,network and most importantly how you deal in business. You expunge past grievances. There is no time to be wasted and you will not waste vital time or energy on things that hold you back. Instead you push forward. You simply and honestly are addressing, what does not work and move forward with what does. You tap into the deeper issue of core values. So bye bye to the old ways and hello to the new you. This will continue until September when Jupiter moves into your 9th house. Until then you might find yourself spending some extra quality time with someone special, which will be a nice change. The rest of your schedule will be extremly busy, which is actually a good thing since you are saying goodbye to drama and hello to success. Happier times ahead.

Pisces: It’s a fresh start this spring. You are laying down a solid foundation for your future. This is a very important year for building blocks. Three outer planets are in angles in your solar chart. Saturn sits at the top of chart, it’s all about structure. New relationships are emerging quickly so it is a good choice to pair up professionally or personally. Love relationships that start now have much promise to be long lasting. Much needed support comes from family and friends in the next several months, giving you an extra boost of confidence. Excellent!

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