Are Private Jets Only for the Ultra Rich? Not Anymore

Are Private Jets Only for the Ultra Rich? Not Anymore

There are few items quite as synonymous with luxury, wealth, and status as a private jet. From world presidents to the titans of rock, it is only the richest that are able to travel on their own private jets.

Or so it used to be.

Traveling by private jet has actually never been more affordable. It is the nature of most things that they become cheaper and more accessible as time goes on. Even though the cost of a flagship smartphone increases every year, the manufacturers are able to produce progressively better technology and progressively better prices.

So How Much Does It Cost?

That’s the (hopefully less than) million-dollar question! Prices can vary wildly depending on just how private and just how luxurious your luxury private jet is. If you’re willing to put up with a few other passengers, you can save money by going as a group. If you want all the bells and whistles that a private jet can offer, then, of course, you are going to have to stump up the appropriate amount of cash.

There are a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings regarding the pricing structure for private jet hire. There are a number of different factors that will affect the cost, not all of which are immediately obvious to the average person.

If you want to get an idea for the cost of hiring a private jet then check out a guide on pricing from Paramount Business Jets. Their private jet charter price calculator is a fantastic way of estimating the costs associated with a private jet flight.

What Should You Consider When Booking a Private Jet?

There are now a number of businesses that offer private jet hire, often with aircraft representing different ‘tiers’ of luxury. As you would expect, those at the lower end of the market tend to offer a less luxurious experience. However, you will still be traveling in a private jet, so how bad can it be?

If you are able to travel as part of a larger group, you will often be able to save money per head, even though you pay overall. Lots of private jet charter businesses also offer discounted rates for children. infants will often be able to travel for free, as with most conventional airlines.

The reason for your trip will also play a role in determining what type of jet is best. Do you want a private jet so you can have a stress-free flight to your holiday destination? Or are you looking to impress a new love interest with your ability to pay someone else to fly a plane for you? Whatever the purpose of hiring a private jet, there are different types of jet to suit each occasion.

Of course, private jets vary in their size and capacity; there’s no sense in paying for any more space than you need for you and your party to be comfortable. Many of those who hire private jets do so spontaneously, much more spontaneously than with regular aircraft travel. With fewer people booking private jets than regular planes, it’s easier to get yourself booked on a trip at short notice. On the other hand, there are fewer jets than regular planes, so there is also a lower overall supply.

In some cases, a private jet company’s smaller jets might all be hired out already, forcing them to upgrade you to a larger aircraft. It’s also possible that longer flights will require larger craft for simple fuel reasons unless you fancy making refueling stops along the way.

Again, the private jet rental costs calculator on the Paramount Business Jets website will give you a good estimate of what your finals costs will be, use it as a starting point for making a budget. It is often easier to work out how much you can afford to spend on a private jet before you start looking at the different options, this is especially true if you are booking the jet for recreational reasons rather than practical considerations.

What’s the Appeal?

While we’re all familiar with the association between private air travel and luxury and wealth, not everyone is clear on exactly why private jets are so revered. It’s easy enough to understand the privacy aspect of it, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Being either the only person or part of the only group of people on the plane allows you to fully relax.

If you are a nervous flyer, private jet travel is a lot more comfortable. it also gives you the room you need to be uncomfortable if you do feel on edge while flying. Anyone who is prone to anxiety will know that sometimes the best way of dealing with it is to let it out. Holding in the fear and stress of being terrified on a flight makes it difficult to interact with other people. On a private jet, you don’t have to worry about this; you can even lie down and try and have a sleep. There’s no shortage of interior options for private jets.

Another advantage of traveling by private jet is that you can choose which jet you travel in. Many travelers are uncomfortable riding on older planes and like the security of knowing that they are in a state of the art aircraft (that isn’t built by Boeing). There are a variety of private jet rental businesses operating today and most of them operate a fleet that consists of a variety of aircraft.

For some people, one of the big advantages of flying in a private jet is that they can smoke during the flight. Smoking used to be common on commercial airlines; passengers would think nothing of lighting up. Of course, in such a confined space, you don’t want smoke lingering around. Carriers, therefore, used to invest in some fantastic air filtering technology to keep the air fresh and clean. Since smoking was banned on commercial airlines, operators realized they no longer needed to filter the air and could, therefore, save money by removing those systems.

An unintended side effect of this is that air quality on commercial planes is now lower. That’s because the air isn’t being filtered and every time a passenger coughs, their germs are released into the air, where they will linger. Even when you factor in the presence of cigarette smoke on flights with air filtering, the filtered air was still better. It is now more common for diseases to be spread when passengers are in close proximity in an enclosed aircraft for prolonged periods of time.

Private jet travel is now something that most of us can afford. Even if we don’t have the money on hand, if we wanted to save up for a private jet hire, that would not be an unrealistic goal. Owning a private jet will always remain the purview of the ultra-rich, but the rest of us can still get a taste of the high life. 

If you think that hiring a private jet is for you then begin looking at potential carriers today. You might be surprised at just how much choice there is, and at just how much of what’s on offer you can afford. Whether you want to treat your spouse or yourself, flying by private jet means traveling in the ultimate style.

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