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Are Snow Guards Really Necessary?

Are Snow Guards Really Necessary?

Heavy snowfalls always accompany frosty winter. During the cold season, the metal roof can accumulate as much as six feet of snow and ice cover with a total weight of up to 18 – 20 tons. It is scary to imagine what would happen if all this roof mass collapses. The cars beneath are likely to be buried under thick layer of snow, people injured, drainpipes torn off the system, damaged buildings, and fences. However, all these troubles can be avoided, provided that the roof has a snow retention system. This answers the question if metal roofs need snow guards during the winter. Thousands of home owners have already installed the snow guards on their metal roofing and reap the benefits of installation.

What if the Roof does not Have Snow Guards?

It is important to understand that the closer the spring, the more likely it is that snow and ice will suddenly avalanche from the metal roof (metal tile, corrugated or standing seam). An increase in sun activity forces the winter snow cover to melt and compress under its own weight. The thaw temperatures cause the formation of water layer on the metal roof, the water lubricates the ice block speeds it down the roofing surface. So, the sudden descent of a snow and ice avalanche in this case is only a matter of time. That is why it is a good idea to install snow guards on different types of roofs or at least in this or that area that is high-risk.

Safety products make your roof safe

Installed snow guards guarantee the safety of your roof, especially in areas prone to higher risk of damage from ice and snow . Metal roof snow guard are a simple, powerful and trouble-free snow retention system that every building needs to prevent sudden sliding of the large snow mass down the pitch and onto the property parking, landscape elements, gutters and fence . Installed in different locations these retention devices are sure keep the snow in place and let it slide by inches in several safe chunks without causing any damage to whatever finds itself beneath the roof.

Snow Guards: How They Work

The specific task of the snow guards is to reduce and prevent a sudden sliding avalanches from the roof. Among the various types of snow guards, experts consider tubular type to be the most efficient. They are designed as a continuous two-tubes lines that hold even significant volumes of roof snow along the entire perimeter of the roof. Installing tubular snow guards is easy. During thaw weather, such snow retention system divides the melting snow into small pieces that safely fall from the roof without injuring people or objects below. Meanwhile the bulk of the ice gradually melts under the sun heat causing the remains to water down and away through the gutters of the property.

Proper Installation Guarantees Reliable System

The ideal option would be to plan the installation during the construction phase of the building. This would ensure the ease and greater strength of the structure itself. However, installing snow guards on the finished roof is also possible. The basic rule for installing tubular snow guards is to distribute them evenly along the entire perimeter of the roof. You can do this with a laser level. In addition, the snow holder should be in one level with the load-bearing wall of the building so that the weight of snow is distributed above the level of the eaves.

What Kind of Snow Guards do I need?

If you need to determine what type of snow guards you may want, the answer is simple. Should it be standing seam snow guards or any other kind of metal roof snow guards, tubular snow guards protect equally well all types of roofs. They do not even need to be metal roofs. The only option you may want consider on your part is which materials you like your snow guards to be: steel, aluminum or copper. Installation of snow guards on the commercial property or the home where you live will pay off.


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