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Are You a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery?

Are You a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery?

The popularity of cosmetic surgery is becoming more undeniable, and there are numbers to prove it. In last year’s plastic surgery procedural statistics, 17.5 million surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures were performed in the United States, a 2% increase from 2016.

This means that more Americans are now turning to cosmetic surgery to change parts of their bodies with breast augmentation, liposuction, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery and tummy tuck the most requested procedures. Botox and soft tissue fillers also top the list of minimally invasive procedures.

You might be one of those contemplating cosmetic surgery for a while now, but you can’t decide whether you should go for it or not. While it’s easy to find a good doctor to perform cosmetic procedures, you still need to know if you’re fit to be a candidate for surgery:

Are you healthy enough to undergo cosmetic surgery?

Your physical health is the first thing that you should consider when deciding to undergo any type of cosmetic procedure. Doctors advise against getting surgery if you have health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, bleeding disorders, heart disease or depression. Having a weak or compromised immune system may not also make you a good candidate for cosmetic surgery because it might cause reactions against medications and anesthetics that could put you at risk. The rate of infection is also higher if your immune system is low.

Smoking or alcoholism may not also make you a good candidate for cosmetic surgery. In some cases, the surgeon will give you the go signal to undergo a cosmetic procedure, but you have to make certain lifestyle changes before the surgery. Some surgeons will ask you to quit smoking at least two to four weeks before and after the procedure. This allows your body to heal properly while keeping the risks for complications as low as possible. Even secondhand smoke can affect your health, so it’s best to avoid it prior and after surgery.

Are you emotionally ready for surgery?

Whether you want to undergo simple cosmetic botox procedures or more complex invasive surgeries, it’s very important to be emotionally ready for it. Changing a part of your body is a huge step and you should be able to adjust well to these changes after surgery. While it’s common for many patients to go through mild depression for a few days after a procedure, some don’t recover from it at all. This is why it’s very important to go to that operating table with a stable emotional health so you can easily manage the depression that might come with accepting the changes that you will see in yourself after you’ve had plastic surgery.

To make sure that you are a good candidate for a specific procedure, your plastic surgeon will need to evaluate you further before giving you the go signal to undergo surgery. It’s also very important to know these things before getting into the operating table:

  • Results might not be immediate. Depending on what procedure you’re undergoing, results may not show right away, so you have to be patient. You may even need to undergo several procedures before getting the results that you want, so you need to prepare yourself for the process.
  • Don’t keep it a secret.Some patients want to keep their procedure a secret because of fear that they will be judged. But cosmetic surgery is now more accepted in the society and you should have no shame in wanting to change the way you look, especially if it helps boost your confidence.
  • Ask questions.Before you submit yourself under the knife, you have to make sure that you and your doctor are on the same page. Ask a lot of questions about the procedure, the preparations that you need and the possible effects of the surgery to you. It’s better to undergo the procedure well informed because it lessens your anxiety and prevents depression.

In the end, undergoing cosmetic surgery is a decision that you have to make for yourself and not for others. If you feel that you need to change some parts of your body to be more confident in facing the world, then you should go for it. Just make sure to find a good plastic surgeon that can guarantee you a successful surgery.




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