Are You Doing These 4 Things Before Starting An eLearning Program?

Are You Doing These 4 Things Before Starting An eLearning Program?

Do you plan to start a new elearning program? Do you think you’re fully prepared for it? Right from developing the team, formulating a communication strategy to selecting the most appropriate tools, getting started with an elearning program is a tough call to take. In fact, there are certain points which must be considered at this stage and we have mentioned below the same for you. These will not only reduce the time spent getting it on board but also minimize any risky surprises allowing you to successfully close the project. Read on to know! 

  1. Find active sponsors 

Sponsors who have the power and authority to approve and implement your elearning plan as well as support it across every level of the organisation are the biggest assets for effective implementation of your elearning program. Ideally, the sponsor should be someone who is well-versed with the nitty gritties of the elearning program so that when he starts to evangelize about the program to the audience, they listen, share their feedback and ultimately participate. Finding such sponsorships is indeed very advantageous as it will have a direct impact on the commitment and participation from others. 

  1. Choose the right team and formulate a plan

Choosing the right team for developing the resources of your elearning program is vital. However, it is futile without a well-formulated communication plan. For the success of your project, you must ensure that the right personnel are part of the right teams and are communicated desired business goals and objectives. Also, make sure to identify the dependencies which further help to establish collaboration amongst team members. 

  1. Outsource content, development, and in source insights

As a project manager, you might easily be lured by the temptation of tackling all aspects of the program in house in order to save costs but trust us, it does more harm than good. Your teams are burdened unnecessarily which thereby affects the quality of the output. 

Undoubtedly, the essence of any elearning program are the in-house insights which come from SMEs and designers with expertise in those areas however, you’ve got to believe that your in-house team will lack in certain skills. So, you must always assess the situation, i.e. when it is cost-effective and when necessary to outsource materials. It is always a good idea to outsource repetitive, overly-detailed, time-consuming tasks, the ones which requires skills your team lacks, in the case of increased volume of work, and others such. 

  1. Research and select the best tools 

As simple and obvious it may seem but searching for the best LMS and course authoring tools is a tedious task. And, compromising on this aspect is not acceptable since an elearning software forms the foundation of any elearning strategy. And, overall implementation of the elearning course depends on how effective your selected software is. So, always make sure to find the best authoring tools. You can evaluate them by comparing the scores of the following parameters:

  1. Compatibility: Will it be compatible with other software? Will it integrate and work with other organisational tools?
  2. Accessibility: Is it easily accessible by professionals without any additional training? Is it a premium product for high investment?
  3. Usability: Does it offer a simplified design, intuitive dashboard, and a short learning curve? 
  4. Maintainability: Does it feature automatic updates? Can it be upgraded remotely or requires additional maintenance? 

Investing in an authoring tool is a prolonged commitment hence it is advised that you choose it wisely and intelligently.

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