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Artificial Foliage- Exploring the Benefits of Synthetic Flowers and Plants

Artificial Foliage- Exploring the Benefits of Synthetic Flowers and Plants

Nothing can compare to the bright appearance of flowers or green fresh foliage in the home. However, the expense and upkeep of real flowers and plants can make many people skeptical about displaying them. The trend of greenery within interiors continues to grow each day and although there are several varieties that can be easily cared for, more people are opting for artificial flowers and house plants to make sure that their foliage always looks fresh.

Frowned upon for not being real enough in the past, the interior decor sector has significantly improved artificial flowers over the years and now there are amazingly realistic options for anyone who wants the welcoming touch and appearance of greenery in their homes. There are various reasons to choose artificial flowers and house plants instead of the real thing.

Staying Fresh

  • One of the key benefits of choosing artificial flowers and house plants in the home is that they will always look as fresh as they did when you bought them regardless of the season. Plants are not typically as vulnerable to the climate and they can thrive during the colder months of the year.
  • On the other hand, flowers are dictated by seasonal changes and if you want to be able to display your blooms during the entire year, artificial versions are your only practical option.
  • Fantastic finishing touches for all rooms, artificial greenery provides an earthy and vibrant feel wherever they are placed. Ensuring that these important home accessories look their best at all times will make sure that a cohesive appearance is achieved throughout the home.


Filling a home with fresh flowers is usually a costly habit as the flowers need to be changed regularly. House plants are associated with more longevity but if they are not carefully looked after, they can also be expensive to replace. Quality artificial flowers and plants may be initially pricey but they are a worthwhile investment that will last for several years when cared for. This proves to be more cost effective over time.


During summer months, hay fever is prevalent but many people deal with plants allergies throughout the year. This can be discouraging when making plans for indoor foliage. People who suffer from plant allergies can benefit from artificial flowers that also ensure guests who have allergies will not be affected whenever they visit.

Safe for Pets

Another challenging component of keeping indoor plants is that several varieties can be harmful for pets. From aloe vera to lilies, there are many flowers and plants that can be toxic if they are consumed and curios rabbits, cats and dogs are likely to sample anything that they come across. Artificial house plants and flowers are the safest and easiest options for anyone who has pets and also minimize the risk of returning home to a damaged bouquet.


The trend of foliage has spread to all rooms of the home ranging from bedrooms to bathrooms. However, several spaces may lack sunlight, which is a key aspect of thriving plants. For windowless or darker rooms, artificial options are necessary and the steam or heat from cooking or showers will not affect the stems.

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