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Ask Bob Blume – Column #33 Promoting Careers During a Pandemic – The Creation of SPECIAL 3K with guest Kea Chan

Ask Bob Blume – Column #33 Promoting Careers During a Pandemic – The Creation of SPECIAL 3K with guest Kea Chan

Hi everyone, this Bob Blume with my twice weekly visual column with summary discussing issues pertinent to the entertainment industry and appearing exclusively here on Times Square Chronicles. As president of Step Forward Entertainment, a Talent Management and Production company located in both New York and Los Angeles, currently in New York, I am here to offer advice during this trying time.

The column is also a benefit for The Actors Fund Covid 19 relief effort and I ask you to go to the link below on your screen and donate if you are in position to do so.

Today’s column #33 is a discussion with a strategic example of promoting careers during the pandemic. Forming an entertainment vehicle, for 3 female performers with burgeoning individual careers became SPECIAL 3K. A key member of that group is our guest for this column, the beautiful and talented  Kea Chan.

Kea Chan

Kea Chan, was a successful 13 year old child in her native Philippines, while performing for many Asian heads-of-state and serving as the official national anthem singer for the Philippines during a good part of her teen years. Kea is used to singing in front of an audience of thousands and VIPS. Together with Kayla Merrow and Denise Kara during lockdown of the entertainment industry the trio started to perform together. 

Kea, who is from the Philippines, was sponsored in America by me, so she could live and work here in the entertainment field. Before the pandemic Kea was doing auditions, taking classes, performing in various cabaret shows at The Green Room 42 right before lockdown. Getting Covid unfortunately had her sick for 2 months. Now fully recovered, during that time still managed to appear in virtual benefits and concerts from her home. Special 3K has been hard for us because we built this group in the middle of a pandemic. However, it is nice to build something and keep creativity going.

I asked Kea about the differences of being a solo artist and being part of 3 individuals doing duets, trios and solos in a group.

Kea responded: “As a solo performer, it is about you. Take care of yourself, your own rehearsal. As part of a group, you have to think of the balance between all the performers, harmonies and how to perform as a group – especially when all of us have solo careers. This is a new experience for me because, in the Philippines, I was never even part of a choir and almost always sang solo. Here you will also see some comedy and interplay as all of us. We are actors, as well as move well in addition to singing.

The next SPECIAL 3K LIVE VIRTUAL concert titled LOVE SPRINGS ETERNAL will be on Metropolitan Zoo February 13, 2021 at 3pm EST. Tickets can be purchased at $20 per device (NOTE: any number can watch on one device for just 1 ticket)

Our instagram site @thespecial3K and the facebook site thespecial3K is how we are gaining a following. We rehearse as much as we can we all study with Bobby DeLeon, our coach and music director. It’s a real family affair.

I was asked by Bob to give advice to young performers during this time to help themselves when there is little happening. Everything is on social media right now so be active in social media to be relevant. Any jobs or work, that come along – grab them. Right now, I do not worry about money, but opportunities to exhibit my skills and my work to an audience. Just don’t get tired or discouraged and get out there. Eventually things will return to normal. Doing this broadens your horizons, like it did mine. It was a joy to experienced the excitement of doing a live virtual concert, that could be watched by my parents and family on zoom in the Philippines. They had not seen me perform live since I moved to New York 4 1/2 years ago.

Thanking Kea for coming on, I wanted the viewers to experience SPECIAL 3K (and Kea) so a musical video Christmas Card that Special 3K filmed singing “White Christmas,: for their fans and friends, followed our goodbyes.

A great holiday and Merry Christmas to you all.

Tickets for Special 3K Concert  CLICK HERE
Kea Chan’s electronic press kit

Special 3K instagram

Special 3K facebook page

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