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Ask Bob Blume – Column #47 – An Agent’s Perspective with Guest Amy Lord of Eris Talent

Ask Bob Blume – Column #47 – An Agent’s Perspective with Guest Amy Lord of Eris Talent

Welcome to Column 47 of Ask Bob Blume – a weekly visual column with a summary discussing issues pertinent to the entertainment industry and appearing exclusively here on Times Square. Chronicles (

I am your host and president of Step Forward Entertainment, a bi-coastal talent management and entertainment production company located in New York and Los Angeles.

The column is a benefit for The Actors Fund Covid 19 relief effort, To donate, please see the link and anything you give is appreciated and goes to help those in the entertainment industry that need help and qualify.

Amy Lord

Today’s column is “An Agent’s Perspective” with our special guest, Amy Lord, partner in the fast-growing midsize agency Eris Talent with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, London and Mexico City.

I have known Amy for many years. In addition to her being a long-time agent, she has also written two off-Broadway shows, was a working actress and a long-time contributor to the Huffington Post.

Thus, Amy has a unique perspective, and we will now ask her for her take on what is happening right now within the industry.

Welcoming Amy, I asked her for her perspective on what is going on right now on both coasts and Atlanta.

Amy: Both coasts and Atlanta are very busy right now. Productions are happening on a regular basis although sometimes, more on the West Coast, productions will stop due to Covid.

There are no in-person auditions and everyone has to take Covid tests prior to being on set.

Bob: What new element of actors must be in the city or surrounding area to even be submitted for a role.

Amy: Absolutely. Due to covid and its restrictions, most of the episodics on both coasts want the actor to be in area unlike pre-covid where an LA local could work in New York as a NY local hire and sleep on a friend’s couch and go to set.

Bob: We share a number of clients on both coasts and Florida. We encourage clients not in the major production cities to return to them if they want to be submitted for work.

Amy: Yes. However, some of the productions are more forgiving. I just had a client from LA work in Atlanta but there was a lot of covid testing, security measures in place, etc. I do understand as we all need to be safe.

Bob: What is the situation with commercials? How are they handling this?

Amy: There are a handful of in-person auditions, but most are on tape. Many of the commercials are using real families who share the same pod and not putting people together like before.

Bob: I have a number of clients in San Diego and they can drive to LA if needed. However, if I understand you correctly, the in-person visit is not necessary?

Amy: Yes. They do self-tape, zoom or eco cast live so they see you and treat you like you are in the room without having actual contact. Producers, directors, casting, etc. can see you, work with you as it is live.

Bob: What is situation in Atlanta?

Amy: Atlanta is similar to LA and NY in that they want local hires who are in the area – and it is busy! However, Atlanta has always preferred local hires when they can.

Bob: Final question, how do you foresee the next few months and what advice you have for young actors who do not have a representative (agent or manager) and are trying to acquire one?

Amy: We are status quo and it will be this way for a while – self taping from your home as opposed to in-person auditions. I encourage all my clients to have a space in their homes where they have proper lighting, sound, background, video, etc. for best quality auditions to sell themselves.

Actors – you just have to have professional head shots, not 6th grade photos, resumes, reels, all on professional level. These tools are very important for us to let casting know you are here, and you are quality.

Have all this together to pitch to a rep when trying to acquire one.

Bob: Thank-you Amy for your insight and advice, and I look forward to bringing you back in a few months for more insights into the business.

Thank-you for watching and said goodbye.

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