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Ask Bob Blume –Column #57 –Tips for Quality Video Acting Auditions

Ask Bob Blume –Column #57 –Tips for Quality Video Acting Auditions

Welcome everyone, this is “Ask Bob Blume”, a weekly visual column with summary that discuss’ issues pertinent to today’s entertainment industry and appears exclusively here on Times Square Chronicles. I’m your host and president of Step Forward Entertainment, a talent management and production company located in both New York and Los Angeles. 

Our column is always also a benefit for the Actors Fund COVID-19 relief effort, and I’m asking you to go to the link below ( and,  if in position to do so, please donate.

Today’s column #57 Is called ‘Tips for Quality Video Acting Auditions’. 

The world has changed since Covid and almost all auditions are now self-tape or live via Zoom or eco-cast or a similar software. To be an actor in today’s world you need to be up on your technology and be able to deliver quality video auditions.

If your auditions are not done with quality video, clear sound, good lighting in the format instructed by casting, then there is a good chance the Casting Director will delete your audition. This, or not following instructions from casting for that particular audition, will submarine your chances of booking the role and waste all your hard work in memorizing, rehearsing and filming your audition.

Remember, that self-tapes or live video auditions are the SAME as walking in the audition room live…you need to impress! I’ve got some tools and tips to help. You need to have good quality equipment at home. I’ve done other columns on this in greater detail, and you can look them up.

Using visual aids on camera here, I am demonstrating the equipment needed, how videos have to be filmed and the various types of shots that casting will ask for such as a full body shot, a tight or close-up shot and a medium shot.

I also am showing client’s photos to demonstrate how the actor looks directly in the camera when speaking directly to audience when doing an audition for a commercial, a host or a sales tape.

I show client photos to demonstrate how the actor in a close-up shot looks and plays to reader just off the camera lens. This is for film, TV and theatre auditions. If casting gives specific instructions, always do what they say.

Next, you must properly label the files the way casting has instructed. If there are no instructions, label with your name, role and possibly that you are NY or LA local depending on if you are that. If you have a problem accomplishing this, notify your rep to help so casting does not think instructions were not followed. 

To summarize, good quality lighting, sound, video shot properly as instructed with respect angle, full, medium or tight shots and clean editing and labeling makes a good video audition.

With respect to live auditions on Zoom, Eco-cast or other similar platforms, practice ahead of time so you are comfortable and look at your computer as you are sitting opposite the CD or anyone on casting side of screen. 

If you get off to a bad start, don’t be afraid to start over.  They chose you for this audition and want you to succeed!

Please try hard to follow what I have been saying. An actor needs every edge to get jobs now. 

The business is opening up. Although most episodic’s on both coasts are going into hiatus, they will return around July or August. Meanwhile there are a lot of streaming productions casting now in addition to indie film, studio projects, pilots and theatre is starting to cast.  Be ready.

Any questions or comments, please email me at

Enjoy your day. Bye bye!.

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Ask Bob Blume is a new twice-weekly Video Column giving career advice to actors/performers of all ages, who are either current professionals or looking to enter show business. The column will offer free advice, and answer questions from viewer emails by Robert R Blume (aka Bob) a respected veteran entertainment talent manager and producer. As the President of the bi-coastal talent management and production company Step Forward Entertainment, Bob currently oversees the careers of professional actors/singers/dancers/reporters, as well as serving as an Executive Producer of the Annual DRAMA DESK AWARDS (the “Golden Globes” of theatre) from 1999 until 2018. To submit questions: For information on Bob: /

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