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Ask Bob Blume –Column #61 – Ignite Possibilities to be Inspired with Guest Author, Pat Labez

Ask Bob Blume –Column #61 – Ignite Possibilities to be Inspired with Guest Author, Pat Labez

Ask Bob Blume –Column #61 –Ignite Possibilities to be Inspired with guest author, Pat Labez

Welcome everyone, this is “Ask Bob Blume”, a weekly visual column with summary that discuss’ issues pertinent to today’s entertainment industry and appears exclusively here on Times Square Chronicles.

I’m your host and president of Step Forward Entertainment, a talent management and production company located in both New York and Los Angeles. 

Our column is always also a benefit for the Actors Fund COVID-19 relief effort, and I’m asking you to go to the link below ( and,  if in position to do so, please donate.

Today’s column #61 speaks to inspiring you as an artist. To find the moment that ignited your belief that you found your true calling and to follow through. 

Pat Labez

To speak on this subject, our guest is author/actress, Pat Labez. She is one of the 37 contributing authors in a compilation book titled IGNITE Possibilities. People from around the world share their personal stories and journeys which propelled them to overcome challenges and obstacles during the darkest periods of their lives and to take action in pursuit of their dreams. 

We are going to hear about that moment for Pat in relation to the entertainment industry and receive some inspirational advice for those of you who self-doubt. Without further ado, let’s meet Pat Labez.

Bob Blume: Hi Pat, how are you? 

Pat Labez: Good thanks. 

Bob Blume: Thanks for coming on. Congratulations on your first authorship with a chapter in this new book. Ignite Possibilities and I understand this is doing really well on Amazon after the book’s launch Day, yesterday.

Pat Labez: I believe it has. It’s good to be part of a project that actually lifts up your spirits, while inspiring and empowering people.

Bob Blume: Pat, for those of you who don’t know, happens to be a working actress who is signed to Step Forward. However, we’re very excited about her debut as an author and have her on so she can speak about inspiring artists.  In the book, her section speaks about having an “ignite moment” when, for lack of a better term, you realize what you really want to do in life, and go after it.

Pat, tell us briefly about your Ignite moment with respect to the entertainment industry. 

Pat Labez: Well, let me back up then, as I write in the book, my “Ignite moment” had to do with the loss of my sister, and in that moment, after a struggle with my own health, I realized that we’ve got to make the most out of this life. At that point my whole mindset about life in general changed and that is when I decided to give entertainment a try after 30 years away from it. Add to this, I had just become an “empty nester” as my daughter was away at college. 

I volunteered with the film lab to doing something creative outside of the long-term care business I was currently in. This led to my using my old headshot to book a role in a short film. 

Doing this, I realized that I still had love for the entertainment business. Opportunities kept showing up and I realized that it was my change of mindset not just a coincidence. 

My accepting that and recognizing that is a part of life and it’s never too late. I’m in my 60s and never thought I would be back and successful in this industry. I am thrilled to be an inspiration to a lot of people who are watching or reading this.

Many people believe it’s too late for them to get into the business or get back to the business, when it really isn’t. I would like to give advice to all the artists and other people in the business viewing or reading the column about how they can find their “ignite moment” and maybe use that as an inspiration to do what they want to do, regardless of where they are at in their various careers. 

Finding your “ignite moment”, ask if you could do anything in the world without worrying about money – what would it be?  I think that’s what would feed your soul. That is your passion. Or what are you willing to do? Do you know the sacrifices you would make to reach that dream? Have joy in your heart! What makes your heart soar? 

All too often we listen to the negative voices out there. Find the quiet moment for yourself. 

My participation in this book came around my birthday and I just decided I wanted to do this after a suggestion from an online friend who said “Pat, I’m doing this book and I think you need to write a book – a story.” She connected me with a publisher and here it is.

I learned that even when we go through our tough times, the darkest moments, there are always lessons to be learned. We just have to find a way to listen to our soul and follow that voice nudging you to do something. Just do it and it will open up doors. 

An example is Sam Humphrey, one of the other authors in the book. He is 4’ tall and he speaks of the challenges growing up in Australia wanting to be an actor like his idol, Hugh Jackman.  Everybody told him he could not be an actor and continually discouraged him. However, lo and behold, at 22 he was in The Greatest Showman film and walked the red carpet with his idol, Hugh Jackman, who was the star of the movie. A most inspiring story!  

Sam used the quote from PT Barnum, “If this world wasn’t designed for you, change it.” Design it and that we can live in a world that we design. We create our world. Good advice.

Bob Blume: I really liked what you said, and it was a great inspirational message! 

Before we let Pat go, I want to mention that Pat is also a producer and she decided that a great way to celebrate the launching of this book was to have a book signing and entertainment event available to the public.

On June 20th at 2:00 PM Eastern Time, at The Triad on West 72nd St in New York, there will be a book signing with a number of the different authors. Not all of them. because I think there were 37 of them. I know a few of them, including Pat, will be there to sign books and there will be some fabulous entertainment. Here is a link to a promo for the entertainment portion and here is the poster (see below)

The ticket is $20 plus 2 drink minimum for the event which will include the book signing, great entertainment – and a free signed book by the authors that are present. 

If you are interested in tickets, go to the website

Pat, thank you again and I appreciate your coming on the column. 

Pat Labez: It was my pleasure and remember – don’t be afraid to reach for your dreams! Go for it!

Bob Blume: Thanks again and thanks everyone for watching. So long. 

Ignite Possibilities Event:

For direct info and tickets June 20th @ 2pm  Click Here

Pat Labez website

Step Forward Entertainment site is

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