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Assessing the Benefits of Recycling Scrap Metal- Why Recycle?

Assessing the Benefits of Recycling Scrap Metal- Why Recycle?

Recycling continues to be an extremely important process for society and industries to fulfill the goals of reducing landfill utilization, managing limited resources and reducing costs. People are accustomed to reducing, reusing and recycling in terms of cardboard, cans, bottles, plastics and paper.

However, some people are not aware that metal can be recycled as well.  Metal recycling prevents habitats from being destructed as a result of mining new ore, reduces the waste that goes to landfills, saves resources and reduces pollution.

Scrap Metal- A Precious Resource

Scrap recycling operations and facilities provide a resourceful way to preserve the environment while cutting the costs that are linked to mining and refining metals from new ores. Scrap metal should not be regarded as trash or waste. It may actually be one the world’s most precious resources. It is a resource that cannot be depleted since it can be reshaped and re-melted to form new products numerous times.

Environmental Benefits

Recycling metal helps to conserve natural resources through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and by using lower amounts of energy than what is required to make metal from new ore. Producing new metal releases more greenhouse gas emissions in comparison to making products from metal that has been recycled. Go to

These emissions can lead to hazardous levels of air pollution and cause respiratory health issues for residents. Emissions may also affect climate change Recycling metal can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly. Additionally, using scrap metal rather than virgin ore produces less mining waste and utilizes less water.


Recycling metal contributes to global warming solutions rather than problems. Recycling your metal is an act of kindness to the environment. Different types of metals can be recycled as a crucial aspect of environmental sustainability.

Mining and refining metal ores into usable metals is not sustainable. When considering geological time scales, the amount of metals in the earth is fixed. However, it is easy to recycle and reuse metals, which provides renewed opportunities for using them without the need to mine and refine more. This means that the issues that are linked to mining can be avoided. Recycling reduces the need to manage potentially hazardous and extensive mine tailing piles.

Conserving Energy

A lost of energy can be saved when using a variety of recycled materials such as steel, copper and aluminum in comparison to virgin ore. For example, the amount of energy that can be conserved by recycling just one beverage can made of aluminum is enough to power a light bulb for hours.

Economic Benefits

Metal recycling creates more jobs than the option of sending metal waste to incinerators or sending metals to landfills. Generally, the recycling industry generates billions on an annual basis and employs millions of workers around the region.

A wide variety of metals including iron, steel, copper and aluminum can be recycled. When products are made from recycled metals, less water is used, carbon emissions are reduced and less energy is used compared to using raw materials. Scrap metals yards and commercial recyclers buy scrap metal, making it a valuable resource in the recycling process.


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