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Assisted Living or Retirement Community? How to Choose

Assisted Living or Retirement Community? How to Choose

Are you looking for a residential care facility for a loved one in your family? Well, do not make the amateur mistake of judging a care facility based on the facades and the glamour. If you are looking for senior living communities near you, you should ideally look for a place that provides care with dignity. The caregivers should be calm, professional and happy to work long hours.

To make the right choice about these senior residential facilities including Alzheimer’s care communities you need to keep in mind the following considerations,  

  • Experience of the staff members, caregivers, and owner. You need to ask for specific references and credentials and check them out.
  • The ease of communication with the staff and the official calling and business hours.
  •  The staff to the resident ratio which in turn the level of care your loved one is going to receive.  
  • Do the caregivers work while living in or do they work in shifts?

Potential care facilities are usually clean and tidy, but it is imperative to ask yourself the question about the fitting in of your loved one in that particular set of unfamiliar sights and faces. You need to collect as much information as you can regarding the various protocols in place for the residential care home as well the user review from the residents.

Our experts have highlighted some of the major ones for your benefit;


Some residential care facilities allow pets whereas some don’t. If your loved one adores pets and is attached to them, you should look for a care home which makes allowances for pets.


Again, some residential care homes allow the smoking to be indoors whereas some are quite strict and one can only smoke outside the compound and facility walls.

Transportations and location

First things first! It is imperative that you find a residential care home near the locality of your loved one which will ensure familiar surroundings how little it might be. Transportation costs can get efficient if your loved one’s specialist or doctor lives in the same area. So, make a choice wisely.

Health issues

You need to ask about the caregivers, professionals and staff member for the facility. The daily activities of eating, washing, bathing, grooming, and toileting need to performed and handled with care, love, and discretion. So, ask about the level of care and professionalism at the residential care home.


At most of the professional residential care homes, the money is managed by the staff in place of the senior.

About Medication

Usually, the staff is supposed to administer any type of medication to the senior. A verbal reminding is not the ideal way, so, make sure the type of care your loved one is going to receive.


This is imperative for senior suffering from mental disorders including dementia, Alzheimer’s and other similar diseases. The perimeter needs to secure so that residents cannot wander off or stray. Security should be on high alert even on the inside as water, electricity accidents may happen any day.

About the meals

Meals are usually cooked by a professional chef. But you must still insist on a quality check and assurance all by yourself to improve the quality of life of the older adult.

Keep in mind the above-mentioned consideration before making a choice about a senior residential complex.

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