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Assisted Living vs. Independent Living

Assisted Living vs. Independent Living

As adults step closer to their golden years, a topic that will turn all the more vital is the housing option. Illness or disability for some is likely to put restrictions when it comes to the living accommodations, stopping them from living alone or owning residence. While there may be others that prefer to maintain their independence yet may find that their pension and fixed income is insufficient in having a place of their own. Different retirement facilities for the elderly are available these days that can offer a cost effective housing option. But before take any decision, you should know the difference between independent and assisted living as this will help you make the correct choice for your dear elderly one.

Facts About Assisted and Independent Living

Assisted Living-When adults think about a nursing home, usually what comes to their mind is assisted living. This option, however, is intended for seniors that are cognitively or physically unable to live on their own. In fact with many elderly people living and developing chronic health issues including dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes, this may become unfeasible quickly for the family members in performing the role of a caregiver on a full-time basis.

An assisted living center will offer senior citizens with the ability to keep their living space and at the same time provide the necessary medical staff that can help the residents with the regular works like doctor’s visits and scheduling medications and also basic functions like using the bathroom or bathing.

A key element of such homes is that they offer medical staff or personnel on a full-time basis and also access to 24/7 emergency medical personnel. That along with being safe for the elderly will also provide family members the peace of mind that their loved ones will be looked after carefully.

Independent Living-Most seniors can live life independently yet do not have the required finances of renting or owning a home or wish to shift to an environment which offers better social opportunities. Independent senior living communities for such people are an excellent choice. Most seniors may opt to live in these communities to keep away from the responsibilities which follow with having an own house like handling home repairs, clearing the snow, looking after the lawn and more. An independent living community will differ in structure and is available in different styles ranging from retirement homes that are full-fledged, apartment complexes to subdivisions.

The resident will be active thus will need comrades and friends of their age with whom they can speak and socialize. For facilitating a healthy and active lifestyle these communities organize activities and day trips frequently. Residents are also offered off-campus transportation for attending external activities. Today there are independent living communities that provide accommodations similar to cottages or apartments. Along with bathroom and bedroom facilities, they frequently offer under the resident’s suite a full-service kitchen thereby allowing them to prepare and host their dinners.

Weigh the plus and minus of both and see which will be an ideal fit for your loved one- assisted living or independent living.

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