Astrology a Quick Overview for 2019

Astrology a Quick Overview for 2019

2019 and the New Year is almost here. Find out what is in store for you in the coming year.

Aries: 2019 for you is a rollercoaster. The pressure you feel at the start of the year will have you snapping at the smallest things. Mars will have you at odds with your family members especially the male ones. I tell you this so you can fight this nature and be aware of what is happening around you. Be cautious around money and deception. In terms of your business, confidence and a positive outcome, give you that needed strength. Look for money to flow in this area. If you have been sick or hurt you should be healing and your health is strong this year. If you are looking to move or buy real estate this is also a good time for that, but be cautious in your spending. If you do not have a dream board you should, for if you wish it, it just may come true. Positive change comes from inside and you will feel your spiritual side calling. Deaths either of family or friends may shake you as it will seem as if too many are leaving the planet. Traveling, friendships and moving are all highlighted, so enjoy 2019.

Taurus: 2019 is an exciting year for you. promotions, profits, travel, accomplishments and more. This should be such a relief as last year was not exactly your best. Your professional life will seem to take you up a couple of more rings up that ladder. Make sure that you set up your priorities and remain in touch with the reality. For you it is do the work and all will be well noticed. Prosperity and happiness are here for your taking. This year can be summed up by joyous. Things to watch out for is drastic change in your personal as well as professional life in a positive direction. None of  us really like change, but embrace this as it will bring bundles of  opportunity. Money makes the world go round and this year you have a chance to get some.

Gemini: You need to protect your health this year, but mostly 2019 will bring change in everyday possible. The good news is it will be both positive as well as negative and it concerns your personal life. It is a rollercoaster ride for you. This actually started December 2nd.  It is mainly concerned with your health, especially the knees and stomach. There is never been a better time to eat right and exercise. This is so important for you, right now. There will be a lot of stress, which again affects your well being. You also will have to put work into any relationship as they will require your attention. The good news is that it will be worth it as you will find that your partners, friends and whom ever you put the effort into will stay with you through thick and thin. Think gentle. Your job also is in flux, but the decisions you make will guide you to where you need to go.

Cancer: 2019 brings finance, career and job leap foraging to new heights. You work ethics won’t go unnoticed. Expect praise, success and new opportunities, which will bring about financial gain. You are going to the next level and you will be victorious. From January to March and October to December you just might see a new love come into your life. This could be the year that you settle down. A big purchase also seems to be happening. Home will be highlighted and I see it being a new one. Luck seems to be on your side this yearend you will feel blessed and delighted in 2019. The only thing you will have little of this year is time. Work will demand a lot from you and keep you busy, but dreams will shape themselves into reality and it is the reason why is hard work.

Leo: Hey my little kitties, 2019 is an optimistic year, that will fill you with confidence and enthusiasm. Last year you planted the seeds and you were rather bummed that your crop had yet to yield. Well low and behold this year it does and your self esteem gets a boost. Sudden changes in your life will make you feel as if you have super powers. Even your home life will have you purring. Affection and warmth, make you energetic on a physical as well as mental level, just be careful because health issues could slow you down. I know you indulged over the holidays but time to get your health back on track. If you have some kind of sugar imbalance you need to be extra careful. You have so much energy this year so why not channel it into something creative rather than destructive. Travel and spending will be on your agenda but try to keep the spending under control. Luck is on your side and will assist. You may lose a parent or somebody close to you this year, but your love ones will sooth the ache. Just remember we never really lose anyone. They are always with us.

Virgo: You are also on the rollercoaster ride in 2019. Both the good and bad experiences hold lessons for you, so pay attention. The good part is your career which will see a positive boost until April. Money will be coming from unexpected sources and health wise you are doing well. Beware between April 11th and  August 11th of some kind of business betrayal. You can win but you need to be on your toes. Avoid taking any financial risks and you may be attacked on a professional as well as personal front. Delays make you a bit impatient. 2019 holds much travel for you, especially long distance traveling. You are a grounded individual and though you will have to overcome a lot of challenges, you are being given the strength to deal in a fruitful way. Arguments and quarrels with people close close to you should totally be avoid. Life goes much easier from September to December. Things may try to pull you down, especially financial matters. You will however come out on top, it just may take until 202o to see it.

Libra: Jupiter and Saturn will be affecting yourlife in 2019. Hurdles making money will have an impact on your mind, which will cause stress and tension. On the plus side you will be recognized for all your hard work. 2019 for you is a year of balance. You need to find some sort of stability during this time. Work will see you being very productive. Channel that strife. Also keep your cool. You are going to want to lash out, but the problem is the results no matter if you win or not will see you losing.Venus will step in to help, so the heavens are on your side to keep your self control in check. You also need to take really good care of your health as something that is dormant with all this stress and anger will want to ride to the surface. Yoga might just be your answer. Also this is the year to deal with all unresolved issues without any procrastination.

Scorpio: In a lot of what I am writing I fell like a broken record. As health is a major issue this year for many signs and yours is one of them. Have you tried intermittent fasting? That and some hard core exercise is needed. On the plus side your career may take a huge leap thanks to Jupiter. The beginning of 2019 also has the Sun-Mercury and Venus-Jupiter, conjuration here to help you succeed. Make sure you keep discussions to a minimum the last week of  June to early July, as the movement of your planets are not at all helpful. They will also have a negative influence on your health due to all this confusion. It would actually be a good time to travel and relax and the timing should be perfect. In 2019 you will feel a spiritual awakening and may try a retreat or start to read up on this subject more. The fruits and benefits of your hard work will be admired, praised and opportunities boost your confidence. A possible inheritance could make you smile and if you are involved in any court cases or legal trails the outcome will be in your favor.

Sagittarius: 2019 is all about going with the ebb and flow. You are one of the blessed signs this year, as luck is on your side. You will most likely be successful in whatever you you choose. Money flows and you will be given support from every angle. Most of this year life will seem uncomplicated and effortless. What will not be lucky is your relationships. You have a discussion to make. Do you work on this or do you leave? If you are contemplating an affaire….don’t it will have horrible consequences. You need to make correct decisions as this is a testing year for you. Negative impact will hamper your reputation. Spirituality will be a prime concern and you need to take the high road. You will be blessed for doing so. Be cautious from the beginning of April until mid August for your health needs to be watched. Do it earlier rather than later. If you survive these tests 2020 will bring you blessings.

Capricorn: 2019 is a stellar year for you. There is a positive outcome in your personal and professional life. 2019 is one fabulous ride. A new home or a new location is in store and if you were ever to play the lottery, now is the time. Make sure you stay fit as a strong body leads to a strong mind and you are going to be putting yours to good use. Besides those endorphins and that adrenaline flow is good for your soul. Don’t over over-think this year. You know what you want in your life and what your heart desires. Your out-of-the-box and creative ideas will be accepted like never before. You never followed anyone else drummer so why should you now? In the matters related to money, make sure you check everything and do it again. Remember nothing comes for free. If you have a project you want to start, wait until the second half of the year, as the results will be far more favorable. This is a perfect time to think about your future. Action speaks better than words. Make realistic plans, and you will have better than average results.

Aquarius: Your friends are your support system and 2019 shows just how true that is. In 2018,  you felt as if you were carrying the load for the whole planet. Unfortunately  your physical and mental energy levels might still  stay that way as you are not done with your work. Your patience has and is being tried. You see through the hypocrisy and the lies most people take as truths, thanks to your analytical nature. There are times you feel so alone, but in 2019 more and more kindred spirits will find each other. You life this year is like the tides. Money comes, money goes. Your self-confidence and confidence in yourself is high and you will achieve success to some extent. Make sure your passport is unto date as foreign travel seems to be indoor future. Also either a move or a home improvement is on its way. Aquarians you can make a difference. Connect to source and see the flowers. Our battle is soon over and we will win.

Pisces: 2019 shows you the light at the end of the tunnel. This is a year of learning for you. Past relationships have been bothering you to the core of your being. 2019 shows you the way to let go and when you do all will be merry and bright. Long-term dreams and goals will finally come to fruition. Your hard work will pay off and you can embrace the results. You have felt lost for some time. It is almost like you became Alice in Wonderland and slipped down the hole. Maybe it was because you could not except the outcome and thought that the cookie or the drink would numb the pain. You have the strength now to get out. Good things take time to happen and sadly not everything is a bed of roses. Yes, there will  be ups and downs but from each of those you learn. When you look back, you will see the downs were not all that bad. Be your true self. Trust your old friends were always there for you and will always be there for you. You judge yourself more harshly than they do. You will find yourself drawn to religious and intellectual subjects. You will find the answers you seek, just believe.





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