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Astrology For A New Year

Astrology For A New Year

Capricorn: This year you are blessed with eyes to see beyond what is in front of you. You will feel  extremely psychic, almost as if you know what is going to happen, before it does.  Your creativity will take you into the limelight. There will be much growth both personally and in business. Independence is key this year. Work is thriving in 2017. Make your goals your priorities this year and and be open to advice. from people and experts. In January, be sure that what you want is what you really want. Sometimes we choose things because of what would look good to others or get ahead professionally. Honoring your service to humanity.

Aquarius: This is another year of challenges. Your work will demands a lot of your time. Do not over indulge when it comes to work or leisure. Avoid making any hasty decisions. The good news is there many opportunity to grow professionally and finacially. Projects will grow wings this year. Socializing will also take up a lot your time. In January you are accident-prone, so be careful. Start a journal and you see how truly smart you are after all. Make a special birthday wish…you deserve to have your dreams come true too.

Pisces: This year you will grow personally and professionally. The hurt you have been feeling will finally clear so that you can finish off the spiritual work of the last year. It is high time to make those big decisions, no matter how harsh. Avoid procrastination as it will act as a time bomb. Seek help from those who are still on your side and retrive the ones you chased away. In January call upon the angels. If you are exhausted it is planetary. Time to rid yourself of any bad habits this is a time for hibernating.

Aries: Expect good news and opportunities this year. Stay social aware, as 2017 can be a milestone year, if you let it. Your path of success comes with a healthy lifestyle. This is the year to get your health where you want it. You have major changes coming and many challenges. But be patient and positive attitude and you will see an abundance of happiness. Trips, more socializing and purchases are all favored in January. Also time to cuddle with a loved one.

Taurus: 2017 will bring happy news for things you have been waiting what seems like a lifetime for. Last year, they’re difficulties and challenges against you dreams. But this those desires will be granted. If you are looking for a relationship no better time for that soul mate to surprise you. Do not make any impulsive decisions. Avoid any negative thoughts. Stay away from people who appear to be competitive as they will threaten your professional life. In January romance and money are favored. Great way to start 2017.

Gemini: 2017 brings optimism and reality after all you are dual. Time to manifest your dreams to reality. Funding will be there to complete what must be done. madden with confidence, you are motivated. Seek help as others have the answers you seek and are willing to help you. Cooperation is key. In January legal contracts, loans, or any court related issues will resolve in your favor. This is a busy and productive month. Be straight forward and all will make 2017 start in a positive way.

Cancer: This is a year of surprises which will not thrill you as your nature is vulnerable and you are easily prone to getting hurt. This year you will stand up for yourself and finally believe in yourself and your worth. It is time people stop taking advantage of you. Sometime near June the past threatened to set you back, but you are strong enough to let go. Professionally 2017 is a good year. Work started last year and even way before that will reap rewards. This year grab the golden ring. In January be careful of hurting anyone’s feelings. Think before you speak.“Kindness” is key all month.

Leo: Oh kitties time to trust your inner self and see who is real and who is not. You need to learn how to live much simpler. You will be purring to know you are in the limelight, as resources, ideas and energy fill your life. Do not dominate this year or you will suffer. Trust your  intuition and avoid major decision regarding property and career around around May, June, July. Relationships are in the forefront so if you are not attached, you just might find your mate. In January personal relationships are important now. “Do onto others what you wish them to do for you.” If you treat someone bad, you may never see them again.

Virgo: Time to touch the sky and reach for what you want. Education will serve you in 2017. This is a great year to attain new heights. Don’t  over analyze, for if you do it will cost you time, energy and health. Don’t make hasty decisions, and think twice if others try to manipulate you. Weigh the pros and cons in your personal life as well. Your creativity, your intellect and your intuition will take you far this year. This is also the time to get the love and respect you deserve so if a business partner or a romantic partner has taken more than they have given, time to cut the words that bind. Daily activities take up a lot of time in January. Keep a “to-do” list and give yourself credit for everything you finish. If you procrastinate the guilty will lead to depression. With the right frame of mind, you can get a lot accomplished!

Libra: The stars are smiling as 2017 will be problem free. You will advancement professionally and personally. Your creative muse awakens   the artist as your goals turn into reality. Your energy levels will be in abundance as you achieve your hearts desires. Part of your problem has been not seeing what is true and false. This year your eyes are wide open. You will need patients but when it is time the heavens will open up with an abundance of gifts. Take care of your health for that could be the one pitfall. In January a special transformation is taking place within you. Create a sacred space that belongs just to you. Next month get ready to awaken.

Scorpio: This is a year of development on both the personal and professional front. There were difficult situations that have been haunting you for years, but 2017 gives you the strength and confidence to move past these roadblocks. Your confidence grows as the year moves on. Your energy helps you fulfil your desires and dreams. Confidence brings success. Be careful around September as anxieties will return. Do not be disturbed by them, they are temporary. In January you feel the weight of the world and it makes you feel older than you are. Age is just a number, it’s your attitude that counts. Remember to smile this month and take good care of yourself.

Sagittarius: This is your year to grow personally and professionally and at times it will seem overwhelming. Focus your energy in prioritizing your ideas. Don’t just dream them. The first quarter brings troubles in your relationships, but do not let them take you down. It is just a shedding so new people and things can come in. You will feel the need to get involved in either social or charity work and that will destress your life. Doing good for others lets you see the good in yourself. Luck and fortune are on your side so play that lottery and you just may win. In January, time to declutter and clean your living space. Box up items collecting dust and donate them to the Salvation Army. Throw away old paperwork and clear space for a new year. Get outdoors as often as possible and enjoy mother earth. Now is the time to start a fitness plan. It will serve you well in the new year..

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