Astrology For February And Eclipses

Astrology For February And Eclipses

Sorry this was a little late…nasty cold.

The Full Moon in Leo, falls on February 11th and is a Lunar Eclipse. It represents the performer who needs to be in the limelight, recognized and appreciated. Leo’s gifts bring warmth, charisma and enthusiasm. This full moon challenges us to re-kindle the passion in our lives. Now is the time to reflect on what inspires you and see if you can do something about it. It is also a good time to recognize the people that inspire you and show your appreciation. This month also brings a New Moon Solar eclipse in Pisces on February 26th, signifying a “Cosmic Oneness.” This 12th and final sign of the zodiac asks us to see with our Third Eye, using our psychic senses to perceive the hidden and unseen realms. Expect dreams to be prophetic, psychic phenomena and inspiration.

Aquarius: Happy Birthday! It looks it looks like everything is going right for you as you are on your way to reaching your goals. Your brain is on fire especially around the full moon and the 20th and 21st, so take notes. If you have not started getting yourself together health wise the 26th, 27th and 28th, will arm you with just the right amount of self-discipline. Yep, exercise, eating well and plenty of sleep. Also remember to communicate; you may just get what you want.

Pisces: February finds you contemplative. You’re in a pretty giving place as the month gets started. Near the 4th or 5th, expect good news and then more good news, especially on the work front. This will add pennies to your coffers. The new moon, solar eclipse falls in your sign, opening a new path of success. Your home life will also be changing. Romance enters on the 9th and 10th. Can I get a yeah! It will inspire a wave of creativity. An old friendship you let fall by the wayside is on your mind. Time to mend that friendship.

Aries: The beginning of this month has you all about your goals and ambitions. Time to plot and then go after what you want. There is no better time than now. It’s also time to assess your life and everything around you. Be thankful and grateful for what you have and weed out what is not working. Be mindful of paying the bills. This month should also see you forging new territories. Make sure you are grounded on the 28th.

Taurus: People are annoying you or could it be you are just being challenged and it is all in your head? Practice not taking things personally, because by the 9th and 10th it will all vanish and you are back to your cheery self. Look to socialize this month, but watch your health and do not over do the eating and drinking. If you do hit the gym near the 20th. Not feeling grounded? Try meditation and getting in touch with yourself. If you do what you learn might just surprise you.

Gemini: You will feel like Einstein for the first part of this month. You’re insightful, and know exactly what to do, how to get it done and what’s going on. This is the month of love and if your are not attached you just might be soon with the person of your dreams. If you are attached, look for some steamy seasons that will leave you reeling. Near the 8th, express yourself and get what you want. For the most part this month will seem like smooth sailing.

Cancer: You are trapped between your intellect and your emotions, but in order to navigate this month, you might want to choose your brain over your heart. I know this is hard for you, but in the long run you will see this was the wiser of the two. You also need to distress this month. A massage might be nice or if you can go for a swim. Valentine’s Day should be romantic and make sure you communicate, especially on the 19th. On the 24th to the 28th why not treat yourself to a long hot bath, manicure/pedicure or a good book. You deserve it.

Leo: You need to keep your pride and ego in check. Time to have a chat with yourself or you may find yourself on the lonely side. You will be feeling out of sorts for the first half, so time for some R&R. Why not spend this time reading up on a subject you don’t know? You will need some advise this month so seek help and you just might find that it will lead to some much needed socializing near the 16th. Good things are coming your way, so keep you eyes pealed. An emotional issue may derail you but hey, call on those friends again and they will get you through.

Virgo: Has you pulling off a few surprises. You are feeling creative this month and there’s no telling what kinds of new things are going to take hold. Expect a wild ride! Near the 8th, things slow for a moment. Make sure you check all those nit picky details. Breathe on the 18th and 19th. By the 24th the ride starts back up at full speed. Romance is about to rock your world and it’s about time.

Libra: Mmmm romance, is in the air for you as it goes from fun to serious. You might find yourself saying Yes to the dress and all that entails. Time to make a choice. Are you committed or not? This will be your question all month on everything and you need to decide now. If not you need to say c’est la vie and part ways. Energy is the key to your success, so tap into it! You are in flit mode all month as well and you are catching those glances. Time to sparkle.

Scorpio: Life on your home front is not so pleasant. Have you been ignoring the signs? This is not going away. Time to face the music. This of course will stress you out so you need to breath, meditate and try some yoga until this stormy front passes. You should see some relief half way through this month. Better days are headed your way and by the end of the month work may have you smiling again.

Sagittarius: You have that glow this month from just being you. Your ideas sound inspired and basically you can do no wrong. If you are in sales, you just might make that killer sale. You are energetic and raring to go. Sports and the outdoors will do you a world of good. The fresh air will invigorate you. Towards mid-month, time to put in some time at work and impress that boss. On or near the 24th it’s time to celebrate, but make sure all your financial are on track.

 Capricorn: Time to get those goals you made put into place. Why not make a one-year, five year or ten-year plan. If you do you will get rid of those nagging anxieties. You can always make changes. You will have clarity around the 12th. You also need to center and this will help with that. Have you done a vision board? If you see your life clearly it will have a good chance of coming into being. Changes are on their way! Don’t you want to be in charge?

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