Astrology for November

Astrology for November

Intro by Kimberly Knight

November has a deplorable lack of understanding thanks to Jupiter and Uranus. This is not a peaceful month and will be full of confrontation with Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus in a disharmonic mix. Tensions in relationships, alliances, unions. It’s not favorable for the artistic world and could affect the harmony. This is due to a Jupiter-Pluto square. It is meant to bring justice and regeneration, but change is not always easy. This is about a balance of power when it comes to politics, economy, banks, law and medical.

If you are wanting to make a radical change in your life it will be successful.  Just use the energy to manifest in a good way not a  destructive path.

Scorpio: You have the power within you to change your circumstances. In doing this you will create not only a better world for yourself, but for those close to you as well. It is time to get real and fave the truth. From this place your find peace. Good fortune shows up mid month. There is extra cash flow which allows you to assist someone in need. Be grateful for close friends.

Sagittarius: Sometimes you just need a good cry. Some downtime is required. Take heart, you are not alone. Love will guide you through so allow your heart to be open. Have faith in miracles they are on the way. You might desire a spiritual path. Try donating some time or giving back to others this Thanksgiving.

Capricorn: A new love is on the way. Self indulgence does not serve you well at this time. Discord those things that don’t bring you joy. Break free of things that bind you. Steady as this is a time of self explorations and it pays off and is truly a blessing. Focus on what really matters, as you forgive yourself and forgive others. Invest your time in projects where you can manifest new ideas and inspiration.

Aquarius: Autumn has arrived and with it you feel nostalgic, as you find yourself connecting with close friends and family. Business opportunities come from meeting new friends and associates. Emerging soulmates bring answers to prayers. Your intimate relationships have the element of exclusivity and privacy in order for you both to establish a deeper connection. Give others an opportunity to express thier viewpoint, without judgment. The end of the month is playful  so flow with it and enjoy the fun, fun, fun.

Pisces: New energy rushes in bringing together the power of likeminded people. You create a better world for those around you. You are truely an inspiration. Faith and hope are your key words and you live by them. Your relationships bring you strength, supporting you with a solid foundation. Romantic nights find you in cozy quarters with another on chilly nights. There is an element of relationship bliss. Good fortune is on the way as you are blessed with financial rewards. You might find yourself on a mini vacation with someone special at the end of the month.

Aries: As you turn your attentions inward, y ou could find yourself healing through dream states. You might even feel that you have divine guidance from those who have passed on. You receive assistance from someone unexpected. After the third week of November you will emerge! Intuition leading the way as you take some chances that pay off in a big way. You might be called on as a  spiritual warrior. Your words have the power to inspire the world creating a better place for all. Lead the way courageous warrior.

Taurus: You have little to to concern yourself with in the beginning of the month. Getting serious about changing your work situation is a must. Destiny calls giving you an opportunity define your path for the future. You can not take on everything and must micro manage. Coming to terms with truly what is going on with you might bring unexpected revelation. It is a time of change, to better yourself using your talents and skills. You must love yourself first! This brings healing. There will be some hot steamy nights at the end of the month, continuing through the holiday season, which helps ease anxiety and stress.

Gemini: Love is the key word. Simply you are interested in cultivating your personal relationships. You feel the importance of family and foundation. Your are on sexual overdrive this month. Your desires are sexual, yes, but they are rooted in deep commitment to another. Mid month you strive for greater success and call on others to assist you as you take the reins. Steer the coarse of your personal and financial future. Onward ho!

Cancer: Step out and love it. You have a new sense of self followed by a rush of creativity. You will take pride in your accomplishments. As the month progresses you will open up your home and heart. You will organize lunches or small gatherings, as group activities are highly beneficial. Others will benefit from the wisdom of your experiences. You are affectionate and in your intimate relationships you desire a deeper more spiritual connection.

Leo: You are a fire ball of energy! In such trying times you rule, you inspire, you create! Your happy lighthearted energy is always contagious to others.This is a time to shine. Bring it on! The world is supporting you. Your past investments pay off so take some chances. You look forward to warm holiday gatherings and it will be more than expected. Be very careful about your health because this month is critical to Leo’s.

Virgo: Trust close friends to help you sort out some uncomfortable situations, if your stuck. Just remember to say thank you for the blessing  and to take a moment, breathe and things will sort out. Sometimes being grateful for challenges brings us clarity, allowing us to visualize the perfect solutions.  Your accomplishments will be rewarded and recognized by coworkers or the public.

Libra: You might be a bit nervous about change. That’s ok. Take some quite time. By taking some personal time you will open up the doors for creative expression. Act with purpose. Your blessings are many. This process could take awhile. Maybe till after the new year. Be patient with your process and your own path to power. You are divine.


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