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Astrology for September

Astrology for September

Virgo: Birthday greetings my dear Virgo. Treat yourself to a grandiose gift! Financially sound with your investments paying off you are steering the ship. The first few weeks could be challenging with close relationships, as the eclipse brings a little uneasiness in your partnership house, but just remember you have a choice to navigate your way to calmer waters with a clear line of communication. Daily exercise, meditation and yoga release any of day-to-day stresses. You will be engaged with some very romantic encounters towards the end of the month. It could get very steamy so get ready for some passionate nights. Key Words: Purpose, Transition and Flexibility.

Libra: Amour, amour and more amour! Its about partnering up this month. You are feeling energetic, renewed and vivacious! Mid September is ching ching as money makes the world go around! You are spreading your wings with confidence. Luck combined with opportunity gives you a healthy dose of recognition for a job well done. In the health department everything in moderation. Expect good news from a distant friend or relative. You are peaceful. Key Words: Clarity, Synthesis and Spontaneity

Scorpio: Change is good and this month go with the flow. Focus on your business as things could go astray. Make sure to keep things in order and on point, that way you will be in charge in this month of chaos. Romance or relations can be tricky so handle with kid gloves. Keep an open mind. Key Words: Harmony. Responsibility and Sincerity

Sagittarius: It is very understandable that you have been on the cranky side. If possible try and  flet go and relax a little. I know it’s hard. Well good news my dears, Jupiter enters Libra the second week in September giving you a little rocket boost with a spring in your step. In work, communication will bring you the support you need to get ahead. Make sure you put things in perspective. A little organization, rememebering to dot your I’s and cross your T’s will all be helpful.  In your romantic life it is well advised to get out and live a little, engage in social activities and gatherings. Key words: Openess, Clarity and Love.

Capricorn: Focus on positioning. Clear communication is key. You move ahead with financial strategies, career goals and new opportunities. What is weak will fall away, what is built on strong foundations will gain momentum, creating great successes in the months to come. Options should be discussed and supported by family members. Key Words: Surrender, Love and  Simplicity.

Aquarius: The beginning of month is a good time to get your financial house in order. Pay past debts and collect what is owed to you. Go through all your paperwork with a fine tooth comb. Be very cautious on how you spend your money and where you invest. This lack of funds is caused by an eclipse of the sun. Get involved with groups. Have some fun and get involved with anything that stimulates you spiritually or culturally. You need to get organized. Engage with people of the same beliefs as you, as this will bring you joy. Key Words: Personal Adventure, Play and Purification.

Pisces: Be flexible Pisces, yet be strong in your convictions. Changes are happening in your life. Leave the past in the past and move forward  in your future. You will make good choices. Good friends and family surround you. Jupiter transit your 8th house creating financial gain, new opportunities and the right people to partner with.Romantic encounters occur toward the end of the month bringing a fun, loving, energy that makes you feel very flirty! Key Words: Clear Communication, Discipline and Efficiency.

Aries: Make  serious efforts to eliminate discord by taking responsibility for your actions. Create harmony in all relationships. It will take a little effort, however it will be well worth it in the months to follow. You will need good energy and much support as you make monumental strides to reach your goals. You have a new direction when it comes to your life purpose. You are more confident with yourself toward the end of month and are a flame for warm, passionate moments. Key Words: Respected, Spontaneity and Light

Taurus: It’s all good in the finance and career departments. Around the 9th of the month Jupiter will enter your work house, blessing you with smooth sailing through October 2017. Your love life is oohlala and your mojo is high. You encounter passionate moments or new loves. It could get a little challenging when Mercury goes into retrograde bringing up old issues, past relationships or uncomfortable situations. It should blow over toward the end of the month. Key Words: Delight, Abundance and Peace.

Gemini: This month could be a little tough dealing with others at work. Communication might be a bit of a challenge. Stay patient and focused. Maintain these two organized clear thoughts. The good news is Jupiter gives a little spark to your love and house of sexuality making it quite steamy all the way to October of next year. It’s about passion and unbridle moments.Key Words: Expectancy, Release and Trust.

Cancer: This month you are happy with a sense of peace and joy. Your home life beomes important as you  are working towards creating a more efficient way of life. You will be focused on tasks till completion. Relationships are warm and welcoming. Keep an eye on health concerns. Get rest, eat well and follow through with any concerns you have medically. Key Words: Personal Power, Expectancy and Commication

Leo: In romance dear Leo you are In love with love. You are full of sonnets, showering the one  you love or pursuing with lavish gifts and romantic gestures. You enjoy being physical and pursue all areas of physical activity with a zest. Just be careful not to over exert yourself or get involved in extreme sports. You’re full of optimism and cheer starting September with a sense of excitement & expectancy. Key Words: Laughter, Spontaneity and Joy.

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