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Astrology for September



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Virgo: Birthday greetings my dear Virgo. Treat yourself to a grandiose gift! Financially sound with your investments paying off you are steering the ship. The first few weeks could be challenging with close relationships, as the eclipse brings a little uneasiness in your partnership house, but just remember you have a choice to navigate your way to calmer waters with a clear line of communication. Daily exercise, meditation and yoga release any of day-to-day stresses. You will be engaged with some very romantic encounters towards the end of the month. It could get very steamy so get ready for some passionate nights. Key Words: Purpose, Transition and Flexibility.

Libra: Amour, amour and more amour! Its about partnering up this month. You are feeling energetic, renewed and vivacious! Mid September is ching ching as money makes the world go around! You are spreading your wings with confidence. Luck combined with opportunity gives you a healthy dose of recognition for a job well done. In the health department everything in moderation. Expect good news from a distant friend or relative. You are peaceful. Key Words: Clarity, Synthesis and Spontaneity

Scorpio: Change is good and this month go with the flow. Focus on your business as things could go astray. Make sure to keep things in order and on point, that way you will be in charge in this month of chaos. Romance or relations can be tricky so handle with kid gloves. Keep an open mind. Key Words: Harmony. Responsibility and Sincerity

Sagittarius: It is very understandable that you have been on the cranky side. If possible try and  flet go and relax a little. I know it’s hard. Well good news my dears, Jupiter enters Libra the second week in September giving you a little rocket boost with a spring in your step. In work, communication will bring you the support you need to get ahead. Make sure you put things in perspective. A little organization, rememebering to dot your I’s and cross your T’s will all be helpful.  In your romantic life it is well advised to get out and live a little, engage in social activities and gatherings. Key words: Openess, Clarity and Love.

Capricorn: Focus on positioning. Clear communication is key. You move ahead with financial strategies, career goals and new opportunities. What is weak will fall away, what is built on strong foundations will gain momentum, creating great successes in the months to come. Options should be discussed and supported by family members. Key Words: Surrender, Love and  Simplicity.

Aquarius: The beginning of month is a good time to get your financial house in order. Pay past debts and collect what is owed to you. Go through all your paperwork with a fine tooth comb. Be very cautious on how you spend your money and where you invest. This lack of funds is caused by an eclipse of the sun. Get involved with groups. Have some fun and get involved with anything that stimulates you spiritually or culturally. You need to get organized. Engage with people of the same beliefs as you, as this will bring you joy. Key Words: Personal Adventure, Play and Purification.

Pisces: Be flexible Pisces, yet be strong in your convictions. Changes are happening in your life. Leave the past in the past and move forward  in your future. You will make good choices. Good friends and family surround you. Jupiter transit your 8th house creating financial gain, new opportunities and the right people to partner with.Romantic encounters occur toward the end of the month bringing a fun, loving, energy that makes you feel very flirty! Key Words: Clear Communication, Discipline and Efficiency.

Aries: Make  serious efforts to eliminate discord by taking responsibility for your actions. Create harmony in all relationships. It will take a little effort, however it will be well worth it in the months to follow. You will need good energy and much support as you make monumental strides to reach your goals. You have a new direction when it comes to your life purpose. You are more confident with yourself toward the end of month and are a flame for warm, passionate moments. Key Words: Respected, Spontaneity and Light

Taurus: It’s all good in the finance and career departments. Around the 9th of the month Jupiter will enter your work house, blessing you with smooth sailing through October 2017. Your love life is oohlala and your mojo is high. You encounter passionate moments or new loves. It could get a little challenging when Mercury goes into retrograde bringing up old issues, past relationships or uncomfortable situations. It should blow over toward the end of the month. Key Words: Delight, Abundance and Peace.

Gemini: This month could be a little tough dealing with others at work. Communication might be a bit of a challenge. Stay patient and focused. Maintain these two organized clear thoughts. The good news is Jupiter gives a little spark to your love and house of sexuality making it quite steamy all the way to October of next year. It’s about passion and unbridle moments.Key Words: Expectancy, Release and Trust.

Cancer: This month you are happy with a sense of peace and joy. Your home life beomes important as you  are working towards creating a more efficient way of life. You will be focused on tasks till completion. Relationships are warm and welcoming. Keep an eye on health concerns. Get rest, eat well and follow through with any concerns you have medically. Key Words: Personal Power, Expectancy and Commication

Leo: In romance dear Leo you are In love with love. You are full of sonnets, showering the one  you love or pursuing with lavish gifts and romantic gestures. You enjoy being physical and pursue all areas of physical activity with a zest. Just be careful not to over exert yourself or get involved in extreme sports. You’re full of optimism and cheer starting September with a sense of excitement & expectancy. Key Words: Laughter, Spontaneity and Joy.


Did You Howl At The Wolf Moon?



The year’s first Full Moon, Wolf Moon, is named after howling wolves. It happened last night January 6, 2023 at 6:07 pm.
The Full Moon is a time of heightened energy, activity, and emotions. You can access the power of Full Moon energy for about a week: three days before the Full Moon, on the day, and three days after.
The Wolf Moon is all about protection, security and empowerment. It is time to face our deepest feelings and fears. Those that know who they are from the outside-in are the true Intuitive Warriors. Become the fierce protector and nurturer in your own life.
It was long thought that the wolves howled due to hunger, but it is also how they communicate with other pack members, claim their rights and make their presence known. The act of vocalizing sound from your core is cleansing and grounding, and gives your entire energetic system a thorough reset. It clear those throat and heart chakras. Take control of your reality. Express your inner truth and let that guide you. Now is the time to make your voices heard.
Now go howl!
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Psychic Predictions: Donald Trump, Biden and So Much More



There is a part of me that wonders if I should publish this. There is more, but this will let you know that everything is not as it seems. This is a spiritual battle, more than a political one. Here is what I am seeing.

War in the Ukraine! Us troops are already in the Ukraine, but China is there as well. This is not about Russia, but bio-labs and erasing evidence.

Biden is about to be removed from the presidency. Kamala Harris is not the new president when this happens. It will be Nancy Pelosi.

Donald Trump will be arrested in the next couple of days. This is not what it will seem and will last seven days and seven nights. Part of the reason for this is so it will look like the republicans will cause insurrection. Martial law will be put into place. It is not the republicans but George SOros. The question is who is under George SOros and BLM? Again not what it seems.

China will bomb Taiwan.

Russia and China will cause fear with nuclear threats.

US Guard is employed and we are not being told..

This is all about the elections. They will not happen.

Things will look scary, but do not be afraid. Shine your light and be hope for the world. It needs us to strong.

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Take Advantage of the Ancient Wisdom in Its Modern Form for a Happy Married Life!




When two people are compatible, they can understand and support each other. It is vital in a relationship, as it can help make the relationship stronger and more stable. There are many different ways to measure compatibility, but astrology is one of the most popular methods. Astrology can provide insight into the partners’ personalities and the potential challenges and obstacles that might arise in the relationship. Of course, it is essential to remember that astrology is a tool that can assess compatibility. While most believe it provides accurate predictions, you may not let it be the sole basis for making decisions about a relationship. However, it can be a helpful tool, especially when combined with other methods of compatibility assessment.

Are you or someone from your loved ones planning to marry soon? If you don’t want to go through the traditional process of approaching an astrologer because of all the hassle or busy schedule, don’t worry! Online astrology sites are there to help. Virtual services can offer precise calculations based on the details you furnish, such as your date of birth, time, and place. Many people use these tools to find a perfect match for a wedding partner. It can be worth matching the Kundli. After all, compatibility between partners can help sort out many life problems and open new avenues for happiness and growth.

Kundali or Horoscope Matching

A Kundli matching astrology service can help couples plan their entire life together before they even say ‘I do.’ Hindu scriptures consider marriage a crucial moment in your life that they believe is predetermined before your birth.

How does this process work?

When selecting a life partner, compatibility testing is critical in determining whether or not the two of you will be happy together as a married couple. Compatibility can affect almost all aspects of your marriage relationship, including how your lives will progress along with some other things.

Generally, this astrological method of determining a match uses the Ashtkoot Milan (8-point checking) system that calculates the level of compatibility between two people by analyzing their birth star charts and forecasting their upcoming marital happiness and stability. They can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship. The eight-point checking compares the 36 Gunas (characteristics) between the two. If your Kundlis score higher, it means the match is suitable or perfect. The higher, the better! A good pair usually gets 18 scores. However, if the score is lower, it may not be too favorable, whether opting for arranged or love marriage. Leveraging this ancient Hindu wisdom may be wise.

Astrology and Guna Milan are two ancient Indian practices that are still relevant to help people find their ideal partner. Astrology studies the behavior of the planets and stars, and Guna Milan is a system of matching a prospective partner’s horoscope with the person they are interested in marrying. Both these practices believe that the universe is orderly and that the position of the planets and stars influences human lives.

For those looking for true fulfillment in their lives, matchmaking readings can help them find the right partner who, when married, can contribute not only to their happiness but also to the creation of memories that will last for years and benefit society as a whole.



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