Astrology Pulls Some Punches This Month

Astrology Pulls Some Punches This Month

My horoscopes are late this month because October is a happening month in so many ways. The first half is a cleaning up of personal details and this astrologer was perhaps kicking and screaming her life was overtaken. As the clouds parted and new paths opened, cosmic hands helped shove me back into gear.

The month’s full moon, October 16, isn’t going to be fun. Something critical is about to be unleashed in each sign.People will act erratically. It starts around the 15th awakening, refocusing and ultimately stability will start to occur. Scorpio is prominent in the sky and hosts Venus in the first half, the Sun starting the 22nd, Mercury on the 24th, the New Moon on the 30th. The veil is thin; the atmosphere teems with mystery, intrigue and a hint of danger.

LIBRA: Your life has been plagued with trials. In October the universe steps in to solve the past and improve your life. The full moon effects your business, a member of the family, or your friendship sector will be under siege. Just breath. Fresh air is what you need Libra! Outdoor activities are exceptionally good for you. Your disposition is easy and laid back. Family and small children are important, so make time for family get togethers. Watch your health do not over extend yourself or let burdensome situations rob you of your vital energy. Everything will work out. Romance is on the charts mid to end of month. Share a yummy desert on a very chilly evening.

SCORPIO: The full moon, arrives in your sixth house of work projects. Beware as projects might go haywire at the last minuet. If you own a business workers will be slacking off, not showing up or you might catch one sabotaging. Have your antenna up as all this could reflect on you, even if it’s not your fault. Emotions will be fragile. If you are about to sign a contract at the full moon – don’t. Unexpected challenges pop up when least expected. Ugg! However you are a pro and you handle them quickly and move into a happy space. You get a healthy does of good fortune mid month. You will have some very sweet moments with loved ones and expect some hot, sexy nights ahead. Perfect as the weather gets a bit cooler.

SAGITTARIUS: Romantic relationship take an unexpectedly strange turn come the full moon. Expect the unexpected as you will not be able to imagine what kind of news this full moon could bring you. It could be a disruption or revelation, and you will need to be calm. Full moons bring closure and truth. The  full moon falls, in your house of money, so expenses will make life irritating. Keep great records and check receipts. Planning a trip do not be surprised if it has to be rescheduled. While waiting indulge in the fancier side of life. Luck will shine on you and you will celebrate in your usual fashion. Be the daredevil that you are! Intense passion and decadent food and deserts are shared with good friends and romantic partners. The sun shines it’s warmth on you in many area’s of your life. Your good mood is contagious.  You will have a blast this month but just be careful until after the full moon!

CAPRICORN: The full moon, effects your physical home or a family member, or partner. For you news may be good or not, but you may need to dip into the kitty to fix whatever comes up. Keep your schedule light so that you can move in any direction. Until then now is the time to move forward and make things happen. Things are changing in a good way. Listen to the opinions of others as they can help you grow your business and move you ahead with your career goals. You will learn to delegate authority through them. Focus, make your intentions clear to others in the work department, as well as your personal relations.  You tend to seek a bit of solitude, which will give your soul the nourishment you need. The answers you seek, will come to you and you will emerge with a new found wisdom.

AQUARIUS: The full moon effects your long-distance travel plans, as well as a partner, in love or business, will act out of character. Guard your health three days prior and after the 16th. You may get good news about your living situation, property you may own or rent, or about a family member. During the first part of the month you need some time to retreat and recharge your batteries. Challenges are resolving themselves and good fortune shows itself toward the end of the month, providing you with a good chunk of change. You have an abundance where the flow of cash is concerned. You will be offered help in your business. Intimate relationships are based on sensuality and intimacy . A short trip will serve you well. You can trust that this month will be 5 stars all the way.

PISCES: You may have a financial setback at the full moon, when money news could be temporarily distressing. Don’t let this concern you, as generating income is so strong not only for October but also for an entire year to come, all the way to October 2017. You will finally have time to see friends; see a Broadway play, or get back to your old life. The truth remains the truth my dear Pisces and it rules in your favor. You make honorable choices. Celebration of good fortune, financial gain, good health, joyful times spent with family & friends are all in store. New endeavors are a wonderful way to start off the fall season. Things are changing for the better. Abundance and really good times, begin at the end of October and continue well into the New Year! Very Nice!

ARIES: October 15-16 is going to be challenging as the full moon is in Aries and will be strongly effecting you for four days before and after it appears. Tension and pressure around work will leave you needing to negotiate your way out of a tough situation. Others try to dictate your life and manipulate your will. If you are in the arts Neptune, planet of the arts, will work to help you out. At the same time, the full moon will effect your dating life. If you are living together you may find yourself wanting to move out. Keep your schedule light, say little and keep your ears open. It’s all about teamwork. Put down your burdens! Relax, focus on what really is important. You have a lovely guardian angel waiting to help, so ask for guidance. You will be divinely inspired. Release fear with faith and miracles occur. In order to create a more balanced everyday, say goodbye to unfulfilled inspiration and expectations. You will find peace. Your sexual energy stirs up passionate nights!

TAURUS: The full moon, will bring a secret someone tried to keep out in the open. Possibly a secret you needed to keep is the one to slip out. Also keep your eye on your health. Just remember you have a direct line to change. You are the creator of your present and your future. Accept your past but don’t use and it to define your future. Balance and harmony serve you well as you celebrate a very bountiful existence. Relationships of all kinds are highlighted for you this month.

GEMINI: You have money this month, but keep it close until after the 16th. Things may come to culmination near October 15-16, so be ready. You are called to take a step back, pause and observe. Any challenge can be sorted out with a little truth and integrity. Use your instincts, as you look deeper into the situation and act with sound judgement. You are drawn to new people and places that will assist you in the expansion of your world view. Be open to new experiences.

CANCER: Your attention will concentrated on your career during the full moon. News won’t be what you are expecting. Cash flow could become a problem, causing tension. No worries as this will pass within a couple of days. There are changes occurring around you which can create a bit of nervous energy. Do not fret for new beginnings are on the way. Get out of town for an afternoon and experience new things. You will find thatchy will bring happiness to you. Keep in mind that you are divine. You might need to heal some of the uncomfortable situations that have caused you anxiety or heartbreak. Positive people, places and things will do just the trick!

LEO: Remain home during the full moon and concentrate on business from there. Do not sign any agreement October 20 or October 28, as Mercury is at odds with Uranus and you won’t like the agreement. It is time to take care of your health darlings. Upkeep! Make sure you follow through with Dr. visits. Think of pampering you body, mind and spirit with plenty of rest and exercise. Socialize with positive stimulating people. Take a chance to express your ideas. What inspires you? Manifest your dreams. Music will help with your day to day moods. Trust the universe to provide you with all the guidance you need.

VIRGO: Cash flows around you this month and for months to come. Travel is highlighted. For you the full moon brings a relationship to an end or to fulfillment, which is exactly what needs to happen. There is an opportunity to use new skills and talents. You will enjoy a successful outcome. If you are not involved in a love relationship, it is very likely that “the person”  will be about to walk into your your life. It is advisable to be present in the NOW! Accept the next phase of life’s journey with wisdom and embrace your inner intuitive for deep down you know what is best. Love is sure to surround you, especially at the end of the month and into the holiday season.

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