Astrology To Take You Through To September

Astrology To Take You Through To September

Cancer:  Love will take a few more months, but don’t be glum because the summer promises a lot of fun. You have had a complex transition with all those feelings playing havoc on your soul. You feel that you have been starting over and are on a new adventure. This summer the past becomes just that the past and you will feel reborn.  You continued to achieve important goals with more confidence. This summer is the calm before the storm. 

Leo: Summer has always been your season and with a new love by your side you are purring with delight. Enjoy the afternoon delights, but be careful not to rush the process. If you are still looking for a new love or a summer adventure, then visited new places and someone new will catch you eye. If you are self-employed expect to see money in your pockets and it will bring joy. You’ve been waiting a long time for this payday. Be careful not to overdo it because you cannot get everything at once. If you put aside your pride and help those in need you might just create that wheel of abundance.

Virgo: Love has been a thorn in your side recently.  This summer will have you re-thinking your commitment. By October you will see this has been a very positive time. Meet new people and you might get a love that will make you feel reborn. You will have had to sweat much to get little, but this will pay off by October. Spring into fitness and by September you will be turning heads. This is an excellent time to invest, be it real estate or a small business. Kaching!

Libra: Do you have a secret in the love department? You need to make a decision and decide what romance needs to close. The choice is yours, but choose wisely. If you are still single use the last rays of Jupiter to make a romantic connection. You are encouraged to go out and try new places. You’d be surprised who you will encounter. This will all lead to a beautiful summer. Waiting for money that is owed you, just breath because by the end of September you may receive good news. On the work front, if you are not happy, now is the time to plant those seeds. Send out resumes. Long lazy days in a hammock will do you good.

Scorpio: Your emotional needs will get meet this summer. Important decisions in love and personal projects are highlighted. This is a time, that if you dream it, you could win it, but be careful with the consequences. Your heart will be beating faster, but it just may be chemistry. Go slow and if you wait until October, it just may be the real thing. At work you are magnetic. Luck has its kiss on you until the end of September and in October with Jupiter in your sign, everything you do will seem golden. Use this summer to prepare for a fabulous fall. 

Sagittarius: Saturn is making your emotional and romantic life a little heavy. This summer you will want to abandon the old stories that do not offer anything positive. Saturn requires from you a seriousness, to seek out a great love. Do not accuse your partner for the ending. It takes two and you did play a part. This summer, trips you take will open your horizons to  knowledge, new possibilities and a world you have only dreamt of. Saturn asks you to prepare, sweat and sacrifice in order to create better opportunities. Jupiter asks you to look at physical and health problems, your body will come out strengthened from these trials of life. Now is the time to watch your diet.

Capricorn: Enjoy the summer as Jupiter is about to bring problems related to family misunderstandings. At this time do not make any important decision in love until winter. Maybe you’re asking too much of your partner and they can not give you what you want now. Be patient and wait until the fall when Jupiter favors you. Use the summer to remember the passion you once felt. In your working environment change is calling. Time to start a new business? Winter is the ideal time for your projects that require money. Breath a breath of joy as fall and most of 2018 will see financial and business gains. Destiny will remember and it gives you almost everything you want. 

Aquarius: Love is in the air and may get hotter than you can stand. Do you want to be alone, or do you want a new romantic partner to love and with whom to spend the rest of your life? Your thirst for freedom will be tested as your partner and you have karmatic ties. If you feel limited you may experience various problems in the summer. Expect to work hard for you want to be ready to autumn with new projects looming. You are about to be successful this year.  Jupiter is not your friend from October on, but you will be able to exploit the positive and win in the end. Make sure this summer you relax your mind and your body because you will need it in the fall. If you have a lawsuit pending Jupiter brings good news.

Pisces: This period is positive in love. There is a person who understands what you desire and understands that you expect a declaration of love. Expect to hear that this summer. If you still do not have a loving partner, attend new meeting places where you can connect and catch someone’s attention. Your generosity, your eyes and your sensitivity will make the person that you like fall in love. The professional front promises many things and perhaps even the best things in your life you will come right in the work place. Connected to your creativity and show how much you are worth. Praises and rewards will follow. The planet of fortune is yours by the end of September and you can buy those things you wanted for a long time. Good news on the legal and household side that brings a lot of energy.

Aries:  Summer still sees the opposition from Jupiter, but that finally goes away in October. What does this mean? No more delays or uncertainties and stability. You have two life projects to complete. Fate will ask you to put an end to a situation that is no longer good for your growth. This also includes your business and professional sector. You are you really ready to make new important steps. Rewards and praise will follow. Increase funding brings an additional workload. This summer job stability and love leaves the ball in your court. Take a few trips to relax before fall. Health and fitness greatly improve starting in September when you return to work.

Taurus: This summer is positive. Love for you is almost always a thorn in your side. What do you want from your love partner? This summer gives you time to contemplate on that. Your career and money sector has had an obvious problem with the lack of money in your pockets. These problems are complex but this summer is the ideal time to start thinking of new projects to be put in place for this fall, but you should not expect that the fruits of these your projects to be immediate. This will have to flourish. Don’t go overboard as you can gain weight and and may have some liver problems. 

Gemini: You are living a love story and professional story that still feels that there are unresolved problems? These problems are because of the opposite Saturn, but in a few months this will leave. Jupiter supports you to make life bearable helping you all to find the right solutions to not wreck a relationship that can still give so much. You can find a way to unlock situations at work as well. Do not throw it all away because this difficult climate will soon disappear. Money should not be lacking but watch excessive spending. Jupiter is with you and supports you, though even your health sector can be affected by a climate of heaviness. Use the sun to bring optimism.

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