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Avoid DIY Approach for Rug Cleaning

Avoid DIY Approach for Rug Cleaning

Rugs make a room look warm and cozy. It makes the best part of the room, especially if you like to lay on the floor and enjoy some space off the bed.

Attractive rugs also add a pinch of color and design to the interior of the room. In rooms that mostly have a plain interior, adding a carpet of vibrant color can make it look much alive and ready for a party.

However, one of the most common challenges with having a rug is its maintenance. It is important to ensure that your rug is clean to avoid it becoming another space for gathering dust and making the room messier.

To ensure the longevity of the rug in the best of its condition, it’s recommended to get it cleaned every once in a while. Some people depend on professional help for the work, and others try to do the cleaning themselves. To be fair, it’s called cleaning the carpet, but is it cleaning the carpet when you try to DIY wash it?

Here are some reasons you should avoid the ‘DIY’ rug cleaning.

  • Lack of equipment

If you ever got a rug cleaning appointment by the professionals such as Agara rug cleaning, you might have noticed that they have specific equipment used in cleaning the carpets. These machines are special to clean carpets effectively irrespective of how much dirt they are. Whereas, when you choose to clean the carpet yourself, you do the same but with your hands. Cleaning with hands would require more effort but not cleaning up to professional standards.

  • Using wrong detergent/cleaner

Many people try to clean the rugs with normal detergents that they use for the clothes. But there are different washing powders and chemicals made for cleaning rugs. Normal detergent can damage the fabric of the rug-making it looks more rugged and old. Moreover, it can also damage the quality and softness of the fabric. Sometimes, using the wrong detergent also doesn’t help you clean the strong stains on the carpet.

  • Improper treatment to the stains

The professional cleaners have everything it takes to clean, from old strong stains to recent ones. Stains like paints or wine are hard to get rid of. They require special attention, and this doesn’t mean rigorous scrubbing around the stained area. It rather means cleaning from the bottom of the rug using the right fabric cleaner and cleaning machine.

Professional rug cleaning services have machines that adjust the water pressure according to the toughness of the stain. It ensures that stains get cleaned up effectively from the carpet and not just from the top layer of the fabric.

  • Soaking the rug

Generally, people who wash their rugs by themselves end up drenching the carpet in water. According to professionals, this isn’t the best way to clean. It requires much longer for the carpet to dry up and get ready for use again. Professional cleaning ensures the rug cleanses up using minimum water but effective cleaning.

All these mistakes are common among people that rely on DIY rug cleaning—trusting professional cleaning can help you get your precious rug a longer life, looking like new throughout the years.


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