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Axvoice: An Underrated VoIP Service With Great Prices, Features, and Voice Quality

Axvoice: An Underrated VoIP Service With Great Prices, Features, and Voice Quality

Over the past few years, our traditional copper wire landlines have seen a decline. They have been taken over by smartphones or more precisely the voice calls are now made over the internet using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The availability of high-speed internet has further aided this growth. VoIP services have made it possible for local users to bypass their local phone companies altogether. Now you use your smartphone or an adapter box to convert analog signals to digital for VoIP calling.

Why opt for VoIP services?

Consumers have been dumping landlines in favor of mobile phones. However, some folks insist on keeping a landline for home business because landline phones still offer better reception. Other people stick to landlines as an alternative if their smartphone batteries dwindle. Regardless of the reason why people are still using a landline phone in 2018, VoIP services make a strong case for their survival.

VoIP service providersoffer flexible calling plans. They have different calling plans based on their features. This cost structure ensures that you are not paying for the services you do not need. On the other hand, most of the business VoIP providers offer these tools that can be critical for the growth of a business. Conference calling, call forwarding, and many other features are deemed valuable by the businesses.

Why Choose Axvoice?

Axvoice is our choice as the best VoIP service providerboth for business and personal use. But what has been the reason behind the success of the Axvoice VoIP services? Following are some of the ways they have changed the public’s landline preference and benefited people:

  1. Affordable: The cost of Axvoice VoIP packages is much lower than the conventional phone. They are a cheaper alternative for long-distance calls
  2. Flexibility: The second benefit is the price flexibility. You get to use both VoIP and conventional phone at the same time. You can also use the service on a smartphone through a softphone app. Similarly, Axvoice VoIP adapter can also be connected to the personal computers which is an added convenience.
  3. Features: Axvoice offers a plethora of features that makes calling much more interesting. Some features like in-network calling are beneficial for small businesses. Its VoIP services would allow you to keep a virtual second number on your single line. Axvoice offers more than 30 standard calling features on its packages.

How to set up Axvoice VoIP and how it works?

One reason for the Axvoice VoIP popularity is the convenience that comes with it. It is simple and easy to set up. If you have a landline at home, then all you would need is a special phone adapter that comes along for free when you subscribe to Axvoice. This adapter is connected to two different devices. It is connected to your internet router on one side and your standard telephone handset on the other side. When you plug that adapter into power, your VoIP starts working. An alternative to an adapter in this setting is a SIP phone which are becoming less common.

In order for a VoIP connection to work optimally, you would need a decent internet connection speed that can support downstream and upstream data for better voice quality.

What are the features of Axvoice?

As mentioned before, Axvoice has more than 30 features to offer. Here are some of them:

Outbound Call Features

Caller ID blocking:You can disable your caller ID from showing up on the recipient’s phone. This feature is helpful for those who want to keep their business or home phone number discrete.

Three-way calling:You can add a new participant anytime during a call. Similarly, you can drop any participant without disconnecting the call.

E911 support: This is a feature helpful in case of emergencies. Dialing 911 from your Axvoice phone will inform the emergency authorities that you are in trouble.

Codec changes:A high-speed internet is usually required for enjoying optimal VoIP services. But in case the internet is not fast, Axvoice provides you the option to switch to lower codecs for better voice reception.

International call blocking: You can save yourself international minutes and cut your bill by blocking the international outgoing calls other than the U.S. and Canada.

Incoming Call Features

Simultaneous ring: You can set up to 3 alternate numbers for receiving your business calls in case your primary number is busy. Using this feature, you will never miss out on important client calls.

Anonymous call rejection: If you are in the middle of an important task and don’t want to attend a call from an anonymous number, then this feature will block calls from such numbers.

Call Filter:If you want that certain important calls or family phone numbers be directed to your personal cell phone, then Axvoice call filter will direct all those calls from your VoIP phone to your cell phone number.

Advance Features

Free in-network calling:If you have more than one connections at your business or in your social circle, you can make unlimited calls to them without paying anything extra.

Softphone support:If you want to use VoIP service on your cell phone or computer, then Axvoice offers support for softphone software to make calls without using your landline.

Web-based account: You can check your voicemails and make any changes to the available features through Axvoice’s web-based account.

Virtual Number:Besides all these regular features that come free with your Axvoice plan, you can choose to add an additional number to your account by paying just $3.99 per month.

Axvoice Calling Packages Calling Plans Per Minute Charges Free Minutes Price per month



Pay As You Go 1.5c N/A $4.99
US/Canada 200 1.5c 200 $5.99
US/Canada Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $8.25


SOHO 1.5c 200 $14.99
Small Business 1.5c 1500 $29.99


Residential International Unlimited calls to 45+ destinations $16.68
Residential International Plus Unlimited calls to 60+ destinations $29.99


 Axvoice Calling Packages

Axvoice has divided its calling packages into three different categories for consumers.

  1. Axvoice Residential
  2. Axvoice Business
  3. International Plans

Axvoice Residential

There are three different plans under the residential category.

  1. Pay As You Go Plan:If you go with this plan you can listen to all the incoming calls for free. Many VoIP service providersalso charge for incoming calls but Axvoice offers this service free. All the outgoing or forwarded calls will be charged 1.5c per minute. This plan is available for $4.99 per month. With all the standard calling features, this plan is an excellent value for money.
  2. US/Canada 200:This plan comes with bonus minutes. Not only you can listen to all the incoming calls for free but you also get 200 free outbound minutes for calls to the U.S. and Canada numbers by paying just a dollar more than the previous package. All the additional calls will be charged at 1.5c per minute. The cost of this plan is $5.99 per month only.
  3. US/Canada Unlimited:This package is for those who make lots of calls and stay on the phone for long hours. Those who gossip a lot over the phone must go for this one as it offers unlimited incoming and outgoing calls within the U.S. and Canada. Call forwarding is also free with this package. The price of this package is only $8.25 per month.

Axvoice Business

This package is designed to compete with business VoIP providers. Axvoice offers two plans for business consumers.

  1. Small Office Home Office Plan (SOHO):This plan is designed for those who want to work from their home and want a package that offers the right amount of services to help them grow. Axvoice’s SOHO plan provides a hosted IP service for home working professionals or entrepreneurs. Since this is an entry-level small business plan, the price has also been set the minimum as compared to other business VoIP providers. It costs just $14.99 per month and comes with all the standard features. The plan offers 200 free minutes to the U.S. and Canada while any additional call costs 1.5c per minute.
  2. Small Business VoIP Plan:This is a low-cost VoIP plan for small businesses. If you have just started the business and you have a limited calling needs, then this plan is just right for you. While other VoIP service providers have plans that targets specific requirements, this plan targets all the small businesses and has all the functions required by residential and small business clients. This plan is available for $29.99 per month if you opt for a yearly plan. You also get 1500 free minutes with this package that you can use to call anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Moreover, you get the equipment free with this package.

International Plans

Axvoice has two plans for international calling. They are:

  1. Residential international:If you make lots of calls to international destinations than this is the package for you. It covers more than 45 international destinations and comes with 30+ calling features. Paying only $19.99 per month for a yearly plan, you can enjoy unlimited international calls to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.
  2. Residential international plus: As the name suggests, this package covers more than 60 international destinations for international calling. You can make unlimited HD calls with clear voice quality. And this package costs just $29.99 per month including all other calling features.

Axvoice has established itself as one of the most affordable and quality VoIP service providers. For home users, it offers the right mix of features and price range that covers almost every residential user. For businesses, it offers flexibility and scalability in its packages that meet small business needs so that you don’t have to change the phone system as your business grows. In the end, it offers the right amount of calling features for everyone to have an eclectic calling experience.



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