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Basement Windows Security Tips and Tricks

Basement Windows Security Tips and Tricks

According to FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, 14% of robbers come into houses through basement windows. How to protect yourself and make your house safe?

Burglars always choose places of the least resistance to enter a home. These are often the windows in the basement. They are usually located far from the main rooms and are rarely visited by the owners. To reduce the risk of burglary, windows must be well-protected. Let`s consider several ways to indemnify your house. 

  1.  Install lights. Lights with motion sensors are best suited. They have a double benefit: 
  •  In most cases, bright light will stop a burglar 
  •  You can easily spot entry into the yard 
  1.  Install outdoor surveillance cameras. They must be in visible places. The burglar will see them and will not enter the house. Outdoor cameras shoot well in the dark. This way, you will be able to monitor the house 24/7. 
  1.  Stick the protective film from the inside. The protective film will make the window more durable. Also, in case of penetration, it will not let the fragments scatter. Thus, it will be more difficult for the robber to knock out the fragments and get inside. 
  1.  Use a magnetic lock. The magnetic lock informs the owner if the window is open or closed. One part of the magnet is installed on the movable part of the window, and the other is on the window frame. When the window opens, an alarm is sent to the home security system. 
  1.  Make the place uncomfortable. Outside the house, near the window, you can plant a thorny shrub. This will become a serious obstacle. Try to leave an empty space under the basement window insight. This will deprive the burglar of an improvised staircase for getting into.  
  1.  Choose a quality window. The basement window should be made of durable fiberglass with an additional safety lock.  

Take advantage of at least a few of these tips, and your basement window will be much more secure!

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