Basic guide on how to buy and set up residential proxy

Basic guide on how to buy and set up residential proxy

If you are in the data scraping business, then a proxy would be helpful. You would avoid all the struggles that come with browsing the internet in search of crucial data or your location. Even when you finally decide to get a proxy there are still a lot of questions. What proxy should you use? What is the best option? How much will it cost you? What services will the proxy provide?

The key to success is finding the right fit and provider like PrivateProxy for your company. Residential proxies are a good option for anyone starting. You have several options between static and rotating types. Both allow you to achieve your goals and browse smoothly on the internet. So how do you buy a residential proxy and how can you set it up? Let’s find out more details if you want to buy residential proxy and set it up.

How to buy a residential proxy

Residential proxies are classified into static and rotating. A rotating residential proxy will change the IP address every 30 minutes. This time varies depending on the traffic and the provider. A static IP address on the other hand remains the same. It doesn’t change as long as it is connected to a device such as a camera. Static proxies are a good option if you need to manage accounts as you do not have to regularly change the IP address.

Residential proxies are made available by internet service providers (ISP). So what you get is an actual IP address. It is the same as you would have when paying a fee every month for the internet. What makes residential proxies special is that they use IP addresses that are real. Because of this, they are difficult to block. Further, let’s see what are some considerations to make before buying a residential proxy?

1. Proxy provider

The first thing is to look at the potential provider. Searching on the reputation of the residential proxy provider guides you as to whether they will deliver the services you need. Ask yourself how they acquired the proxies. Anything that was acquired illegally will land you in trouble. Also, make sure to check the locations where the proxy is available.

2. Costs

Costs vary for different companies. Consider your budget when you start. The amount you pay depends on the company and the services required. Another equally important factor is the number of IP addresses that you want. The overall bandwidth will also have an impact on the final charge.

3. Type of proxy

Consider the type of residential proxy you need. A static proxy belongs to a single user. If you want to manage different accounts, a static proxy is a right option. It is also good for filling out forms online.

When buying a static proxy, you will be. Charges are based on the number of IP addresses in the package. The gigabyte and the use intentions will also influence the price of a residential proxy.

You may also opt for mobile proxies which offer a 3GB/4GB connection. These proxies are useful for any activities that require you to access apps or content on mobile interfaces. To buy this type of proxy:

  • you need an internet provider that offers 3G/4G;
  • make sure they provide a connection in a geolocation of your choice;
  • mobile proxies are usually rotating and come with a bandwidth.

So the price is based on the bandwidth instead of the number of IP addresses. You can also ask about the premium plans and other add-ons, and features.

4. Location

So many people encounter limitations when browsing the internet due to their location. So in such cases, you may need an IP address for a specific location. The goal is to find a proxy provider that has services in the country of your choice. Sometimes you can even specify the city of choice.

Make sure the locations and proxy the company provides are what you need. Ask about how the price is determined. It can be based on the bandwidth and number of IP addresses apart from the location.

How to set it up

The process of setting up a proxy can be complicated especially if it is your first time. However, with the right information, it should become a smooth experience. The main challenge people face is that each type has a different configuration.

Setting up a proxy will require you to understand the current needs. The most important thing is the type of residential proxy you have. Some providers offer different types of proxies so the setup will vary.

The next step is to understand the ports for each proxy type. The port separates the sender and recipient within a network. Each port is assigned a number. This number is the reason why several applications can use the IP address at the same time.

You can find the port number under settings on your browser. In the proxy section, you should notice a number. The setup can be determined by the port number. The most used proxies are:

  • HTTP

For it to work, link the port to a network. Ask your provider to enable the proxy on your behalf. Enabling a proxy keeps any users that you haven’t authorized out. You may have to change the settings like authorization. All these keep unauthorized people out.

The goal when searching for a residential proxy is to understand your needs. Knowing what you want to use in the proxy helps you to choose the right one. Figure out if it is for managing several accounts or just for data mining. Also, think about who the provider is. Checking out their reputation and reviews will help you determine if they find a trustworthy company.

Consider your budget as well. Providers have different prices depending on the services available. That is why you should determine the type of residential proxy your business needs. Static and rotating residential proxies will have different prices. Some costs are calculated based on the bandwidth and IP addresses available.

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