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Basketball Players Depend On Their Socks For Multiple Reasons

Basketball Players Depend On Their Socks For Multiple Reasons

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the need for athletic socks? On occasion, there are a lot of people who feel like a sock is a sock no matter the brand. While this is a common thought, even socks of today’s era are designed with technology. This is the technology that can actually improve athletic performance for athletes. Different socks work in different cases in regards to different sports. For basketball players, performance socks can help with comfort as well as the fitting of their basketball shoes. These socks are designed with each area of the foot in mind, and it’s incredible.

It can sometimes feel like there’s no specific breakdown to how athletic socks work. But, there are multiple areas to think about if you are looking for the go-to pair of basketball socks.

Start With The Material Of The Sock

When you play basketball (or any other sport really), you want to be comfortable on the court so that you can handle business. It’s important to take the material of your socks into consideration in order to experience proper comfort. Most performance socks are made of a number of materials (nylon, polyester, spandex, etc.) or really a variety of material mixes. One that is a rare finding in performance socks is pure cotton. This is mainly because cotton tends to quickly absorb sweat but won’t dry as fast as it absorbs. When comparing cotton to more synthetic materials, cotton is going to lose the battle. Both polyester and nylon will wick away the moisture from your body quickly. The best thing about this is that the socks will retain their shape a lot longer than cotton would.

As for elastane, this is a material that actually makes up a smaller percentage of basketball socks. Even with the small percentage that formulated in them, they add an incredible amount of flexibility. Sockswill be able to stretch which makes basketball socks a lot more comfortable for athletes. 

Material Thickness Is Important

Athletes may actually have different preferences when it comes to the gear they are wearing on the court. In any case, a lot of basketball player prefer that their socks are a little thicker than the average sock. Most athletic socks come in thicker versions because a thicker material helps with shoe fitting, or even improves how you fit your basketball shoes altogether. Along with shoe fitting, thicker socks will help avoid getting any blisters while playing. It makes moving on the court much easier, much smoother for players of all ages. It can be hard playing when your feet aren’t comfortable, which can cause some pain in the long run. There are even thinner sock options that come in a thicker for too. Ideally, it all depends on the player and how wide their foot measures up to be.

Additional Arch Support Plus Cushioning

Some athletes look to wear performance socks that will offer them something special. That something is additional cushioning for the area around the foot’s heel. It gives that area a much more comfortable feel to it while moving on the court. Now, there are basketball sock brands that offer compression, which offers both additional cushioning and arch support. Compression options actually help with recovery as well as keep you from suffering any medical conditions.

Sock Length Plays Its Part

Now, every basketball player is going to be different when you take sock length to the table. It’s hard not to say that athletic socks have evolved over the last few decades. Any older versions have been knocked completely out of style. Over the years, both material and length have had a huge impact on sock choices for athletes of any sport. Along with basketball socks, there are a few different styles that are popular today:

  • Low Cut Socks
  • Mid Cut Socks
  • Crew Cut Socks

Athlete ideally picks the socks they wear based off of both the style of them and the length. A sense of comfort can be gained from any of these styles, but it essentially depends on the athlete and what they feel the best option to go with is.

There are basketball players you play the sport they love for a number of hours out of a single day. Having any kind of high-performance socks is not only beneficial, but it can make a real difference. They provide you with a dependable way of protecting your feet from pain, fatigue, or even blisters. Playing the sport your love should be fun instead of you having to worry about your feet being damaged in any way.

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