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Bathroom Decorating Ideas From Around the World

Bathroom Decorating Ideas From Around the World

It’s pretty well-known that bathrooms and kitchens are the rooms that get a makeover and get decorated or remodeled. While kitchens are usually decorated in ways that encourage get-together since they’re considered the hub of the house for family gatherings, the bathroom is decorated for the complete opposite purpose. They’re designed with privacy and relaxation in mind.  

If you’re thinking, “If you’ve seen one bathroom, you’ve seen them all,” remove that thought immediately! They’re not all created equally. Different societies have different perceptions of what is needed in a bathroom. For instance, you can go from squat-types of toilets in different areas of the world like parts of Asia and the Middle East to high-tech toilets in Europe and North America. 

Take a little tour with us now, and maybe you’ll find some ingenious new decorating ideas for your bathroom borrowed from different countries around the world.


Italians are known for much more than just pizza! Italians love fashion and will dress up just to go down to the supermarket to pick up a carton of milk. They’re known for their high-fashion taste in all sorts of things from clothes to shoes and bags, and also known for their refined taste in their homes. Many Italian designers do use Venetian style of decorating, which includes fancy, intricate details and antique style of furniture from chairs to tables in the bathroom. 

The style of having furniture in the bathroom is changing, as the focus of bathrooms generally has become more on function. Yellow or pink vanities are in, as well as copper color for fixtures that are in antique styles. Receiving natural light in the bathroom is natural for Italians, and if you don’t have a window, you’ll want to focus on the type of lighting used, and include a large mirror which will bounce off light. You will also find an abundance of glass and iron material used in sophisticated Italian bathrooms.


You expect a practical bathroom from practical people, which the Germans are. Germans are known for their high-tech bathroom fixtures. Hand-held shower heads are the way to go, which makes for easy adjustment. They are also sleek and modern looking.

With practicality also comes simplicity. Unlike many other European countries, a German bathroom will have more of a minimalist look since the Germans are no strangers to small spaces in their homes. They will tend to have multi-functional pieces, like a toilet with a built-in bidet. But practicality doesn’t mean having to ignore elegance, which is why there is a trend toward marble sinks and standalone tubs.


Americans just love their bathrooms! They care that there is more than one bathroom in a house. In addition, classy bathrooms are actually a sign of financial success, so it’s no wonder they love them. Plus, Americans move from one house to another more often than many other people, so when they finally move into a permanent home, they will want the bathroom done to perfection and a place to relax after a hard day at work.

American bathrooms focus on as much storage space as possible. For instance, sinks with under-sink cabinets for storing towels and other bathroom items are usually bought. Caddies also provide much-needed storage space and keep items like hair products neatly organized. Since caddies come in so many designs and materials, you might want to read more about the best ones on the market that will suit your bathroom’s style. You’ll want a caddy that is resistant to rust, as well as one that looks attractive and isn’t too large or too small for the space it is to be installed in. 

American bathrooms will also have different lighting, one for specific tasks such as shaving, and other more soothing lights, so a combination of both is often found. Though it’s more difficult to maintain its beauty and cleanliness, pure white for a bathroom is also a preferred choice for sinks, tubs, and floors. 


The Japanese just have a flair for art and design. Their bathrooms tend to promote ergonomic design, inviting in relation. They will also focus on the placement of items more than the items themselves. Neutral colors offer a sleek and chic look, and natural plants and shrubs are often used to achieve a unique Japanese appearance

Depending on the look you want, bathroom decorating ideas don’t have an end. You can mix and combine a little from here and a little from there to come up with a unique bathroom. The best way to get inspired for some new decorations in the bathroom is just by looking around you. That means looking all around you and grabbing ideas from different parts of the world.

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