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Beautiful Skin Naturally – Essential Oil Blends for Mature Skin Care

Beautiful Skin Naturally – Essential Oil Blends for Mature Skin Care

As a child, you often used to wish to grow younger and  mature. Now, you’re mature, maybe in your twenties or above and whispering to yourself “Ah, My childhood was such a beautiful time, can’t I get it back now?”. Well, the reasons for such lamentation can be endless but one is safe to mention here: your skin is on the mercy of a bunch of factors that are out of your control. Yes, as you grow mature, your skin starts becoming prone to under-eye wrinkles, dark spots and circles, roughness and dryness, blackheads, acne, and many more aging signs. Almost all of these skin conditions, one way or the other, are caused by some natural factors such as sun exposure,  air pollution, climate change, and other bad habits that many people are naturally prone to adopt. Before you are attracted to your local or certain online cosmetic store to find the solution, let’s offer you a simple deal: “Let nature fix whatever is created by herself”. Yes, we mean natural ‘essential oils’ that can help overcome all these skin issues caused by nature itself. We’re going to provide you with some powerful Eos blends so that you can get better results instantly and effortlessly.

Compulsory Precautions Regarding Essential Oils Blends

Before you prepare DIY Eos blends, below stated few points are worth memorizing.

Choose the Product Wisely

You definitely don’t want bottles that are apparently good-looking but are filled up with nothing more than crap. Well, you just name, and VINEVIDA will bring quality-oriented, real natural essential oils for you! Moreover, you’re suggested to hand over the  bulk essential oils (in larger quantities) for three reasons:

  • You’ll not be repeating the entire purchase process each time you need to prepare a certain blend.
  • As a result, you’ll be saving a decent amount of money and your precious time, you’re living a busy life after all.
  • Essential oils are also considered to be useful when it comes to relieving stress, anxiety, insomnia, and nervous tension. Plus, a wide population uses them to make indoors fragrant and fresh-feeling places. So, by having many bottles on your shelf, you can also prepare best smelling essential oil blends and diffuse them in your surroundings for aforementioned purposes.

Keep Children and Pregnant Women Away

Children have much more sensitive skin than we have, so certain essential oils such as Tea Tree and Eucalyptus can bring about skin allergy and other adverse reactions if they come in contact with sensitive skin. Also, health professionals recommend that essential oils can also harm pregnant women and cause issues like influenza and headaches.

Quantity Measures

For each 4 drops of an essential oil, you must add 1tbs of the career oil for diluting the essential oils. Less or more than this career oil quantity will reduce the effectiveness of the essential oils.


Perfect Blend for Wrinkles

  • Helichrysum essential oil- 4drops
  • Tea Tree essential oil- 3drops
  • Frankincense essential oil- 4drops
  • Ylang Ylang essential oil- 3drops
  • Coconut oil- 3tbs

These four essential oils are reported to be beneficial for wrinkles both under the eyes and on the forehead. The essential oils and coconut oil together help nourish the skin and lock in the moist for long periods of time thus helping you gain a wrinkle-free skin.

For Dark Spots and Skin Pigments

  • Lavender essential oil- 5drops
  • Carrot Seed essential oil- 6drops
  • Chamomile essential oil- 4drops
  • Argan oil- 4tbs

Dark spots are mainly the result of exposure to sun UV rays. This perfect blend creates a strong barrier between your skin and the dangerous, harsh sunlight and helps your skin stay fresh and hydrated.

For Roughness and Dryness

  • Eucalyptus essential oil-4drops
  • Lemon essential oil- 4drops
  • Rose essential oil- 4drops
  • Frankincense essential oil- 4drops
  • Olive oil- 4tbs

The dust outdoors and seasonal climate change cause skin dryness and blackheads. This blend helps the skin retain much moisture and prevent the polluted particles from entering the skin. Also, massaging this blend helps show up your real skin charm to the world.

Wrapping Up

Nature has provided us with so many solutions to our daily routine skin issues. The perfect example is ‘essential oils’. By following the important instructions, you may overcome a number of skin issues by using the essential oils such as Lavender, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Frankincense, Chamomile, and many more.

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