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Beautiful wedding invitation using home materials 7 ways

Beautiful wedding invitation using home materials 7 ways

A wedding is a chance to invite the people you love to a very important celebration. If you are planning a wedding, you’ll want everything to flow well. One of the most important things to keep in mind is the very first impression that you’re going to make on your guests. You want to create a wedding invitation that reflects your personality and looks fabulous. Couples today are in luck. They can find lots of help from JoinPrint Australia to have the wedding invitations they like best. One way to create such beautiful wedding invitations is by using many common materials you’ll find on the shelves. You can take lots of elegant items like lace doilies, clear paper and even sanded wood to make a memorable and incredible response when your guests open it for the very first time. 

Buttons and Bows

Buttons and bows are a classic that many people associate with something fun and charming. You can take these common materials and use them in your own wedding invitations to create something that stands out. Look for bows that use the same colors that you’re going to use on your wedding day. If you are using soft greens and blues, you can often find buttons in these colors. The same is true of any buttons you’re going to put on the invitation. They can be pasted on each invitation in any kind of pattern you like best. Place a row of buttons and bows across the top of the invitation to help add detail and call attention to your name and the location of the wedding you’re planning. Buttons add a wonderful, homey, three dimensional effect that makes your wedding invitations look unique. 

Lace Doilies

Lace doilies are not only remarkably versatile and pretty. They’re also easy to use in your own wedding invitations. A set of lace doilies can be used to create something incredibly special. Doilies can fit inside an invitation with ease. You can also put text on them. The doily is ideal for a wedding as it reminds your guests of the lace they’re likely to see and wear when they’re attending your wedding. Look for doilies in the kind of pattern that appeals to you most and works with your wedding plans. For example, if you are planning a wedding that’s very formal, you can often find doilies with classic patterns that call to mind a lovely day at an upscale location with your best friends. 

Clear Paper

There are many different types of paper. Paper is an ideal material for your wedding invitation. One kind of interesting paper you might have on hand in your own home is paper that is either clear or slightly blurred. Either type of paper is a good choice for your wedding invitation. You can write on top of the clear paper using bold color that can be seen with ease. If you’re planning a wedding with lots of girly touches such as pastel colors, you can use frosty paper to call to mind intricate fabrics. Clear paper makes a wonderful paper to use when planning a wedding with an emphasis on a modern theme. 

Hand Knit

If you are crafty, now is the time to show that off. You can make very simple knit squares for each guests. You can then write the details on the wool and send it out in a large mailer. A hand knit invitation makes the ideal material if you are planning a rustic wedding that largely takes place outdoors. The nubby fabric also makes it an ideal choice for a wedding that takes place during the colder months. 

Sanded Wood

Wood is another entirely versatile substance that has a great many uses. One such use is that of conveying different kinds of messages to people across distances. Wood can be used to make an invitation that the recipients will adore. This common material can be chopped down into small blocks. Then each piece can be sanded until it’s free of any kind of imperfections. It’s easy to write a message on top of the wood and send it out. There’s a vast array of different kinds of woods that any couple can use to create an innovative and arresting invitation for all their guests. 

Pressed Flowers

Flowers are a common theme in many weddings. Brides and grooms love to festoon their wedding location with flowers that have personal meaning to them. A beautiful grouping of roses, lilies and other flowers that are associated with wedding can also serve the couple in other ways. The flowers can be pressed to remove any existing moisture. Once the flowers are pressed, they can then be turned into materials that can be used as part of any wedding invitation. Flowers come in many different colors. These colors can be turned into a wedding invitation that immediately conveys a theme once the recipient sees it. The dried flowers also give off a much welcome scent that can help perfume the entire invitation and instantly remind people of weddings when they open it. 

Velvet Backdrop

Velvet is another traditional material that is often seen in wedding. You probably have some velvet in your home right now. It has a rich texture that suggests luxury. This makes it a great thing to use as part of a wedding invitation. You can use the velvet as a backdrop for the entire wedding invitation. You can also choose to add some velvet to any invitation for a touch of lovely texture. Velvet comes in many different colors so it’s easy to find one you like. You can have pieces of it cut out to form an interesting and original detail that lets you add even more personality to these invitations. Such materials can be used to create lots of interest. Use common home materials that you have on hand to make your wedding invites shine. 


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