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Before securing a domain name: see how it impacts your overall business

Before securing a domain name: see how it impacts your overall business

The domain name you choose for your business can make or break it gradually. In fact, choosing it can be much more vital than many online entrepreneurs might believe. In reality, domain names have a huge influence on the website’s performance in various aspects – from search engine ranking to social media.

Here are the things you need to consider before locking on a domain name:

Do not use generic keyword as it can lose value over time

In the past, choosing a domain name that’s heavy on industry-related keywords is a good bet for boosting SEO performance (think General Electrics, American Standard, etc.) In any case, those days are gone now. In the present, using a domain name that relies too much on keywords will unlikely win your business any favors both from customers and from search engines.

Choosing spammy domains damages user trust

Moreover, businesses that choose to rely on domain names that are focused on advertising their services forcefully are in danger of hurting their reputation with current and future clients. This is the same case when you add too many keywords or hit terms, such as best/cheapest/amazing, these can lead to people avoiding that website entirely.

A premium keyword domain can work wonders

That said, you can get keywords and niches that is appropriate and can work well in domain names. For instance, by swapping generic keywords such as ‘bestshoesonline’ for more descriptive and creative ones such as ‘shoehaven’, your business will likely see an improvement in click-through rates as well as face minimal scepticism from consumers.

Brand names are good starting points

While it is true businesses with that have unusual products or unique niches may find that a keyword-rich domain works best for them, a lot of businesses realized that their brand name is better option. Your domain name is like the foundation for the rest of your business’s online presence, which manes that it should be a unique and well-researched brand name.

Social platforms link better with brandable domain names

Choosing a brandable domain name allows your business to make sure that the website is clearly linked to its networks and social pages. By using the same name everywhere, you will be effectively reinforcing brand recognition and aid on building user trust throughout various platforms.

New gTLDs can integrate keywords

You may also consider the use of new generic top-level domains as a way to unite both keywords and brand names into your domains. Options like .shoe to .holiday is now possible, so you can easily move away from simply .com and .net to include something unique and more specific to your particular industry.

To wrap things up, securing a domain name isn’t simply something you do just to get your business online. You need solid research and ample time considering what can work and what will negatively affect your business. You must also accomplish your domain registration through reliable and user-focused service providers like Crazy Domains which offer a range of services from domain registration to website security, hosting and a nifty web builder that’s perfect for new entrepreneurs.


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