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Beginners Guide to Help Race like a Pro on the Track

Beginners Guide to Help Race like a Pro on the Track


Racing on a track might look very easy, however; it is definitely not like that even if you can drive like a pro. Surely there is a difference between driving on a road and on a racing track. There are a number of notable differences in driving on the road and on the racing track. 

However, the main thing is that in racing you are going to put the car into different conditions so you need to prepare your car for such conditions. Therefore, it is very important to prepare the car as well as yourself to drive in extreme conditions. 

With technologies like 12v air conditioner driving racing cars has definitely become easier than it used to be in the past. Due to confined space and heavy weight of racing cars thesmallest ac compressor effectively helps in cooling down the car space. 

While technology does play an important role in determining how effectively you can drive on the racing track. In the case of beginners, you need to pay extra attention to other things as well. While you need to practice and learn many things to drive like a pro on a racing track. Here is a quick guide for the beginners that can help them race like a pro on the racing track.

•   Selecting the race track
First and foremost thing while racing is choosing the right track. In most of the places, you can find tracks on different days so you can choose the one that suits best for you. However, one tip that you can follow is to choose a track that is nearby to the place you are staying as it is very convenient and easy to commute. Racing on a track is quite exhausting both physically and mentally so after racing you again do not want to travel to a long distance.
To select a proper track there are three things that you need to keep in mind. 

Open pit lane:It is one of the most common and highly preferred race tracks among all. The pit is open all day so that means you can race all day at any point of time and for as long as possible. However, one drawback on this track is that if there are a lot of racers then you will have to wait for your turn. But many times the organizers try to limit the number of racers on the busy days so that everyone can race without any hassle.

Sessions:In this, the drivers are allotted particular time during the day to race on the track. The time is allotted either on the basis of driver’s abilities and racing skills or on the basis of the cars that are going to race on the track.

Semi-open pit lane:It is a combination of both the race tracks mentioned above. In this track, only a selective number of people are allowed to race on the track through any point of time of the day. However, unlike open pit lane groups are not made for racing, as soon as the track is full it is closed. The closing and opening of the track creates particular sessions for the racers, therefore, making it similar to the sessions track as well.

•   Preparing the car

Since you are going to race at a very high speed it is important to make sure that the car is in top functioning conditions. Make sure that the car is filled with the fluids, check the tires of the car, and also check the braking system as all these things are going to help you with the racing performance on the track. Also, make sure that the car does not emit a lot of noise on the track. Usually, a lot of noise on the race track is forbidden so make sure that the noise is limited and falls under the acceptable limit. 

•   Prepare for the racing day

On a racing day make sure to refill the car with petrol. You can also check for some classes before the race. The short classes will help you in learning certain rules and regulations that are different for various tracks. 
Once you are there on the track take your time to learn and judge the track. Also, make sure to learn about the racing flags as every flag has different meaning and is going to help you through the racing. 

•   After the racing

Once you are done with the racing check the car properly and see if it can be driven on the road properly. The chances of damaging your car are pretty low but a quick inspection is always important. So, make sure the car is in good running condition. If you notice any kinds of damage then make it a point to fix the damage as soon as possible.


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