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Believable Tips for a Safe Workout in the Gym for Strength Training

Believable Tips for a Safe Workout in the Gym for Strength Training

There have been instances where accidents have happened in the gym leaving people in very bad shape. It is therefore important to learn safe ways of exercising. Strength or resistance training isespecially challenging inthis regard. The chances of straining your muscles and thereby causingirreparable harm to yourselfare very high.

When you undertake resistance training as part of your gym activities, you don’t just head straightforthe dumbbells and heavy weightsthe moment you get there. You also need some recovery time in between lifting weights or pulling resistancebands.

Any reliable fitness advicewill insist on doing a few stretches and warm-upexercises before you go for the main course, so to say. Here are a few more tips to ensure you go about strength training safely.

Here’s to safe strength training

  • Warm up exercises, for example walking, then cool down. This should take about 5-10 minutes.
  • The focus should be more on form and less on weight. Avoid jerking through your exercises. Smoothmovement from one set to the next is important. Start from the lightest weight andgradually move up the weights. Starting with the heaviest may strainyour back or movea disk. That would land you in a bed for quite a while.
  • Go slow on the lifting. Slow, smooth lifting and descending works best and ensures that no muscles are left out.
  • Work on your breathing technique as you lift or pull resistance bands. Breathe in as you go against the resistance caused by pulling and lifting; breathe out as you releaseand the resistance gives.
  • Graduallyincrease the weight to challenge your muscles. Do the same for resistance. Be sure to match the weightwith the exercise. If your muscles tire fast against a certain weight and you are not able to repeat the lift, reduce the weight. If it feels too easy, then it is time to increase the weight. Do not get overzealous with the additions though. That could spell doom for you.
  • Once you add weight, ensure that you are able to go through the lifting motions with good form. The muscles you target should feelthe effect bythe last two lifts.
  • Stay on the routine. You want to work all the major muscles of your body two or three times a week. Every so often, you can opt for a full bodystrength work out. Alternatively, you can breakthis into upper body and lower body and perform each component twice or three times a week.
  • Give the muscles a break. You cannot overdo strength training because it causes small tears in the muscle tissue. While the tears are not harmful, they are to be taken seriously. Imagine if they got bigger as the muscles grew stronger. A break of at least48 hours before the next workout session is important.

Get the right fitness advice, whether online or one on one in order to avoid accidents in the gym that could undo the progress you have made after exercisingfor so long and gaining so much muscle over long dedicated sessions of patient exercise.


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