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Benefits and Uses of Digital Signage Displays

Benefits and Uses of Digital Signage Displays

Numbers of industries use digital signage displays for advertising and communication. Since decades, their use has seriously gained a hike. As per the research, the market for such displays is going to be $33 billion worth by 2023. So, what makes them so popular? Well, the simple answer is that it works well. Digital displays have proved its worthiness over time and several businesses have benefited from it. It is because they get more views by the customers from the static displays. Also, around 83 percent of information is delivered to the customer.

The figure itself shows the usefulness of digital signage. However, to understand why it seriously impacts the business and helps them transforming here are the top 5 reasons.

Check out the top 5 benefits of digital signage displays

1. Help customers

Customers who feel engaged easily shows chances of becoming actual customers. Therefore, brick and mortar businesses use such displays highly in their areas to provide or guide the customers. Displays make them feel comfortable and offer useful information while making a purchase. Usually, customers have to ask for guidance in the shopping mall in case of inconvenience. Sometimes, they don’t get assistance because there is nobody to assist them. Displays will help them to help themselves without any guidance.

2. Any moment change

Digital signage displays can be changed simultaneously from one central location. This is good for advertising companies to promote their new product via advertising. They can confidently display the ads all across the country wherever their displays are mounted. This eliminates the need for promoting or advertising products from one location to another manually. Branding is also easy through making the in-store experience consistent than at other locations. Hence, such displays allow the business to quickly implement its new advertising policies, sales, and offers. Thus they help in maintaining consistent branding across different locations.

It helps in the reverse process too.

3. Automatic change of displays

A manual trigger of changes on display boards is a tough and time-consuming task. But, digital signage displays let you control the content on the screen just with few clicks. It means you can change the ads and content anytime from anywhere. On the other hand, this was not possible with the traditional display forms thus making them inconvenient and less worthy.

The best example is fast food restaurants that use digital signage to display the menu of their restaurants. They can now easily change the menus and their prices making it easier for customers to decide what they would like to have on their plate according to budget. Preprogrammed times by software make it a comparatively faster process than traditional forms. Moreover, they can exhibit the offers and special deals. Content according to the latest and upcoming price changes can be frequently changed and displayed as per different locations.

4. More attention

This not only helps in improving the in-store experience but also benefits the passerby who has never been to the store. A powerful advantage of using displays is that they leverage motions that attract more views than static displays.

5. Low wait times

Do you like to wait in long queues? No, nobody likes it. Most of the shoppers leave a store because they cannot wait for their turn. They may come next time or go to another store for shopping. That’s why many companies invest in technologies so that their customers can do self-checkout. However, they can do many more than this. Also, remember that we feel a long time when unoccupied as a comparison to our occupied time.

In simple words, keeping people busy while waiting in line will make them feel that they were waiting for less time. Most of the companies understand this and thus they use digital signage displays to occupy the minds of customers waiting in line. Moreover, this benefit those in other senses as the waited customers may make more purchases or orders. Retail shops display news, sports events, live weather reports or ads of new products to distract their customers. So, this particular benefit offers more benefits than other mentioned points.

One last advantage is customization that allows the different businesses to customize the displays as per their needs. However, in case you are using it for the first time then you may get stuck wondering how to use it. It’s common to feel especially when you are starting from the blank. 

Use to attract customers

Digital signage displays are effective in pulling your customers. You can use them on sidewalks or outside the stores to capture customer’s attention. You can demonstrate more properties or products to your customers who are already in your business.

Use to educate them

They are best to educate your customers about valuable products, new services and update the customers about the latest products. You can show them how to use the products to ease and encourage them to purchase the products. Moreover, you can use them to share updates, policy changes, news and more related to business trends.

Use for entertainment

You can hold the customers long into the stores and your establishment by entertaining them via display screens. Millennial customers take an interest in knowing the story behind the business and their journey. You can show the story behind your success and tell them about your professional team. However, don’t just tell all about your business instead share the philanthropic part to tell them how you fulfill the responsibility towards society.

Use for earning additional revenue

You can create additional revenue from the displays by showing advertisements of other businesses and in return, they will pay to you. This way you can add value to the audience however don’t advertise for the competitor.

Use for promotion

Show reviews and testimonials from other customers to show new customers what others say about your business. You can also bring other offerings for them such as discounts and offers.

Digital signage displays are beneficial for almost all businesses to improve customer traffic and promote their services. If you need more information of the benefits of digital signage display you can check out this great info-graphic from Digitalsignages.


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