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Benefits of Choosing Organic Baby Formula

Benefits of Choosing Organic Baby Formula

Having appropriate nutrition is crucial for the growth and wellbeing of a baby. Mothers need to spend as much time as they can to breastfeed their babies, so they get the right nutrition. Once breastfeeding stops, babies get nutrients from formula milk.

Formula milk contains the pre-requisite nutrients and minerals, but are not on the same level as breast milk. Also, formula milk also contains unwanted chemicals that might have adverse effects on the baby in the long run.

Since babies need to drink milk for sustained nutrition, consider using organic baby formula. It is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to commercial formula milk. Organic milk formula usually is derived from cow or soy products. Here are some benefits for baby if you switch to organic formula.

Safe for babies

Organic milk does not contain harmful chemicals. This milk also has no exposure to pesticides. If you worry that it is unsafe for babies, the products go through government check. They will only be available in the market if they meet the approved standards. Therefore, if you are after a risk-free food source for babies, organic formula is a sound and healthy choice.

More nutrients  

Organic milk contains additional vitamins like Vitamin E. It is also rich in antioxidants that help cleanse babies’ system as their bodies are vulnerable. Organic milk also has Omega-3 fatty acids. It is a type of fat that does not pose threats. Instead, these fats are essential elements in the physical and mental development of the child.

There is no GMO

The issue on GMO or Genetically Modified Products is contentious. Some people disagree that they are harmful, while others think that they could post long-term detrimental effects on the body. Regardless, if you worry about GMO’s, switch to organic formula. The cows in which the milk came from were fed food that does not contain GMO’s.

Reduce the risk of contracting other diseases

When the baby continually takes commercial formula, there is a possibility of contamination from pesticide residues. Health issues include lung damage, injury of the nervous system and immune system dysfunction. However, if you switch to organic formula, you help keep your baby away from these potential illnesses.

Aside from the benefits to the baby, you are also helping the environment if you choose organic formula. Since it usually comes from cows that did not feed on harmful chemicals and other toxic substances, it causes no detrimental effect to the environment.

Given these benefits, isn’t it time to consider switching to organic formula? You might worry about it at first since you are new to it. If your child has no adverse reactions to the milk like having allergies, you can continue using it. You also need to ask for advice from your doctor to ensure that taking this move is safe for baby, and for your own sense of wellbeing

A lot of parents also feared organic formula since it is not as popular as the formula brands that are commercially available. Once they gave it a try, they saw the positive effects and became converts to the benefits of organic formula.







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