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Benefits of cleaning gutters with gutter guards

Benefits of cleaning gutters with gutter guards

Not every homeowner realizes the advantages of having gutter guard systems! The pros know that it can help people tackle things that otherwise could be a dangerous task. Despite that, only a small section of homeowners believe that gutter guards are worth the time, money, and effort. That leaves many people wondering whether they should install one.

The Gutter Guard Types

Today, you have access to multiple gutter guard types in the market. It gets made of various materials like copper, vinyl, aluminum, steel, and PVC. Simply put, the gutter guards get designed to prevent the leaves and debris from getting inside the gutter and blocking the underground drains, sewer, and the downspout gutter. The gutter guards can also minimize the maintenance that homeowners need to carry out.

If you clean gutters with gutter guards, you can unlock many advantages. The three benefits are:

  1. Save your money and time

The gutter guards stop the leaves and debris from gathering on the gutter systems and clogging it. Without the guards, you need to clean the gutters by an expert professional. There might still be some debris when you install the guards. However, the gutter guards are much easier to clean than digging inside the clogged gutters and remove the layers of debris, twigs, leaves, and seeds. However, the gutter guards also need maintenance and upkeep. 

Gutter guards can bring down the gutter cleaning frequency. It would be best if you cleaned the guards for at least once or twice a year to keep your roof and home safe. 

  • Free from insect and mice infestation

One of the significant advantages of gutter guards is that it can prevent insects and vermin, for instance, spiders, bats, mice, squirrels, and birds from breeding on the gutter. The guards help to reduce the stagnant water that sits on the drain. When you have less or no stagnant water, your house won’t attract insects, vermin, and birds. Additionally, the guard functions as a physical barrier for rodents, birds, and poses. Without the guards, they can successfully get to the fascia board and inside the home roof space and create havoc.

  • Can eliminate gutter freezing and ice dams

When water gets contained in the gutter during winter months, it leads to freezing and ice dams. The gutter guards might not be able to avert the ice dams all by themselves. However, it can prevent the debris from gathering on the gutters, which can reduce the chances of an ice dam.

  • Fire security

Is your house situated in an area that’s closer to brushfires and bush? If yes, the gutter guards can provide extra fire security. And when there is a fire, the embers tend to move a long distance. Once the embers come to contact with the debris and dry leaves in the gutters, it can strike a fire and spread fast. There are specific gutter guards that can secure your home by functioning as a physical shield between the lighted embers and the debris. 

It is necessary to clean gutters with gutter guards after any natural calamity, like heavy rains or storms. You need to join hands with a trusted service provider for this. Today, you can browse online and choose one that caters to your requirements and budget capacity. 


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