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Benefits of Employee Recognition at Work

Benefits of Employee Recognition at Work

People like being recognized and appreciated. Receiving a thank you from someone makes a person feel valued. Employee recognition in the workplace is very beneficial not only to the employees but to the bosses and company as well. Here are a few reasons why you should start giving recognition to the people in your office.

Increases Productivity

People become happy when their efforts are recognized at work. They become proud of themselves for doing a good job and getting acknowledged because of it. It’s because their accomplishments are received well, and people know that their hard work is not bypassed.

Showing your appreciation, whether saying a simple thank you or giving employee recognition awards, makes the employee happy. It increases their job satisfaction. When they feel good about their work, it improves their productivity. It makes them want to become better or prove that they truly deserve that recognition.

Builds Good Relationships

As the boss, you get the final say on the things that go around. You either approve or reject their work. Your say on matters has a significant impact because you are the leader of the group.

In a work environment, it is essential to form good relationships, especially trust, among your employees. When you appreciate them, they trust you even more. They feel a connection because they are valued by a person who is higher up the hierarchy. When you are an appreciative boss, your employees will trust you because you recognize their efforts.

Retains Employees

Recruiting new employees brings fresh minds into the business, but it isn’t always the right path to take on. You lose time and money when hiring new people. When there’s a new hire, you will need to give them an adjustment period. They will need time to learn the job they’re in for. Plus, other employees will need to train them.

The time it takes for them to learn is a precious time you could have earned more if they already knew what they were doing. Your other employees will also not get distracted every time the new hire asks for guidance.

So, when you recognize the efforts of your current employees, the higher the chances they stick around. They become loyal to the ones who appreciate them.

Decreases Work Stress

Stress at work is never a good thing. It decreases productivity and may also compromise a person’s health. Your employees may already be facing a lot of stress. Maybe they have problems at home, or they sat next to an annoying person on the bus on the way to work. They don’t need more stress from work.

Stress can lead to negative behavior, some of which include:

  • Frequent absences
  • Poor performance
  • Getting cranky
  • Disrespectful to coworkers
  • Developing bad habits

When you see signs of stress from your employees, uplift their moods by thanking them on the excellent work they do.

Encourages Better Performance

You can say your thanks to everyone in the office, but recognition awards don’t guarantee everyone a trophy. The positive impact of this is that it could inspire others to try harder. When they see someone being appreciated, they might want to experience the same, not out of jealousy of course, but to feel as good as the recognized employee.

People can get competitive at work especially if there are incentives. A little healthy competition acts as a motivator to aim for the best so that they get the award or catch the prize. It’s always good to know that the hours and effort they put in their work are not all for nothing.

Acts as Feedback

Recognition is also a good means to tell your employees that they are doing a good job. Your employees will get a confirmation that they’re doing the right thing and can keep things the way they are or try to improve. On the other hand, those who do not receive recognition will get the message that they are encouraged to do their work better than they currently do.

Steers People to the Company Goals

Being able to give employee recognition means your employees are doing what’s expected of them. Hence, you are on the right path toward reaching your company’s goals and objectives. This means there’s definite growth in the company, which could lead to better profits.

Defines the Company’s Work Environment

Happy employees mean better performance at work. The behavior of your employees reflects the company’s image. If your employees are respectful and cheerful when talking to clients, they will get the sense that this company is doing a good thing. The clients may trust you more, and you can gain a good reputation.

Recognition is a way for you to cultivate high-performing employees. It is an excellent strategy to ensure the growth of every individual that will result in the growth of the company.


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