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Benefits of recombinant proteins produced through DNA technology

Benefits of recombinant proteins produced through DNA technology

The launch of recombinant proteins in the 1970s gave an impetus to the industry of biotechnology. Nowadays, biotechnology agencies are trying to use these proteins for various treatments and benefits. The primary purpose of the latest technique is to separate DNA from an organism’s genome and replace it with a hybrid DNA into any other organism like bacteria. There are multiple benefits of this protein.

It helps in treating a large number of diseases 

Multiple diseases can get treated through DNA proteins which you extract from animals and humans. Insulin is a good example that helps in the treatment of diabetes. Before the advent of this DNA technology, these proteins got produced by separating animal tissue from human tissue. It was costly and a highly complicated process leading to a lot of difficulties. However, nowadays, it can be quickly produced in bacteria with the help of DNA technology which has made this process highly available and equally affordable. 

Two viral proteins produced in this manner are growth hormones and insulin. Human beings have benefited in various ways through recombinant proteins. You may check human recombinant il 2 on the website of Shenandoah Biotech

Development of vaccines to treat multiple diseases

Before recombinant proteins came into the picture, vaccines for hepatitis B aimed at killing hepatitis viruses to create a response in the human body’s immune system; new versions used hepatitis B regulated proteins and combined them with recombinant proteins. Therefore the new arrangements need a minimal amount of protein to kill the virus. This protein is noninfectious, and it does not cause any other kind of infection. 

Nowadays, scientists are working on various techniques to develop vaccines for another flu-like influenza with the help of DNA proteins. Earlier, chicken eggs created flu vaccines as people having egg allergies used to avoid it. However, vaccines produced using DNA proteins do not have such limitations.

Research procedures

These researchers often had to utilize large amounts of protein to learn its various functions. It became tough to purify vast quantities of protein by separating them from animal tissue, especially those at low concentrations. However, with the help of DNA protein, scientists can transfer these new proteins to bacteria without much hassle and expense. Unlike the traditional methods, these proteins require less time and even effort to get produced or isolated.

Better crop production

Many crop plants do get genetically modified with the help of proteins that are readily available in bacteria. With the help of these proteins, you can make the crop plant more resilient to pests and increase the level of tolerance towards herbicides. The techniques that help bring about these changes involve the production of DNA protein. The supporters of crop biotechnology believe that it can bring about more premium quality of crops and increase productivity, thereby bringing about efficient measures in agriculture. 

Critics disagree with this, and they believe that crop biotechnology leads to multiple risks to both human health and the environment. They also argued that the proponents harped more on benefits, thereby outweighing the risk involved in it.

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