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Benefits of Switching to a High-Efficiency AC System

Benefits of Switching to a High-Efficiency AC System

For most people, summer means fun, vacation, and more time with family. But the warmer weather also means you are paying more to stay comfortable inside your home. Like most homeowners, you are probably already wondering if there is anything more you can do to lower your utility bills.

It is no surprise that cooling systems consume a lot of electricity during summer. That is why it is vital to do everything possible to ensure that before summer begins, your AC system is already tuned up and working at its peak efficiency.

The best preventive approach is to have a scheduled maintenance check by a trusted team of experts like Elite AC repair Austin. However, a tune-up may not be sufficient if your AC system is already more than ten years old. Instead of risking another summer season worrying about high utility bills and the possibility of untimely breakdowns, why not consider replacing your AC system with a high-efficiency model?

What is energy efficiency, and why is it important?

Every air conditioner has an energy efficiency ratio or EER. It pertains to the ratio of the device’s cooling capacity in BTU to the required power input in watts. Therefore, an AC unit with a higher EER rating is more efficient than a model with a lower rating. It is easy to spot a high-efficiency AC unit because it usually has the Energy Star label.

Other factors will affect the efficiency of an AC system apart from the EER rating. The best way you can find out the right AC size and capacity for your home is by contacting a professional installation and repair technician in your area, such as eliteaustinac. Remember that a bigger AC unit does not always mean you have a more comfortable home. Let an expert help in calculating the best replacement unit not only to optimize comfort but to guarantee energy-efficiency.

Benefits of a high-efficiency AC system

Indeed when it is time to replace your AC system, a high-efficiency model is worth considering. The following benefits may convince you that suffering another summer with an old system is not good for your family’s comfort or your pocket.

  1. Lower electricity bill. One obvious benefit of a high-efficiency AC system installed by specialists in HVAC in Austin is a lower electricity bill. For example, an old unit with an EER rating of 8, when replaced with a more modern model with an EER rating of at least 16, can lead to up to 50% savings.
  2. Qualify for rebates and incentives. Trane, a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency and reliable air conditioning, is an excellent option if you want value for money. Apart from the possibility of qualifying for discounts if you switch to a new high-efficiency model, the government may also offer rebates.
  3. Optimum indoor humidity level. In addition to cooling indoor air, a high-efficiency AC system can also modulate humidity. As such, you are also reducing the risk of airborne problems.

Lastly, a high-efficiency AC system can increase your home’s value. Overall, it is an excellent investment that will benefit you and your family for years to come.


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