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Benefits of Using Arduino Starter Kits

Benefits of Using Arduino Starter Kits

Arduino is designed specifically to make interactive controls, applications or the environment easily adaptive consisting of a basic single board microcontroller. The hardware includes a board manufactured around 8-bit microcontroller. It may even be designed around 32-bit ARM. Current models come with better functionality enabling users to attach additional boards using things like analog inputs and USB interface.

Since its inception in 2005, this platform was designed to offer an inexpensive way for hobbyists, professionals and students to develop applications that play in human interface world utilizing actuators, sensors, motors and other products. One of the most common applications amongst inexperienced individuals like students are motion detectors and simplistic robots.

The normal price of Arduino is $25. It can be purchased in a pre-assembled manner or as DIY kits. It has been estimated that over 300,000 Arduinos were produced on a commercial level in 2011. The number is increasing exponentially with the progression of time.

Many semiconductor companies such as STM, Cypress and Texas have entered the Arduino arena. One can learn about it more on Nevertheless, here are some of the most compelling benefits of using Arduino Starter Kits:

  1. Inexpensive

This is the first and foremost benefit. It is inexpensive. They are cheaper than other microcontroller platforms. The least expensive version can even be assembled just using hand. Even the pre-assemble modules do not cost more than $50. This is one of the most compelling benefits of using Arduino Starter Kits.

  1. Cross platform

Arduino software is not at all restricted to one platform. In fact, it run on Mac OSX, Windows and Linux operating systems as well. This is one of the most important benefits for users. It offers more diversity and versatility in its usage being a more flexible option compared to other systems. Most microcontroller systems are restricted to Windows only.

  1. Simple and clear

The programming environment offered by Arduino is highly user-friendly, simple and clear. This makes it one of the most preferable options amongst beginners. It even makes it a flexible option for advanced users.

  1. Open source

This is another important benefit that users must take into account. It is published as an open source tool that is available for extension by most of the experienced programmers. The language is even expanded through libraries of C++ and people who needs to understand this technical details and shift to AVR C programming language on which it is originally based.

  1. Extensible hardware

The foundational basis of Arduino lays upon Atmel’s ATMEGA168 and ATMEGA8 microcontrollers. Creative Commons license publishes the plan for modules so that experienced designers can work on their own version of module making extensions and improvements. Even inexperienced users can make the most out of it. It can be built by breadboard version of the module so that users can understand how it operates and save money in the long run.

Here were some of the most compelling benefits of using Arduinos Starters Kit.


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