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Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital: Are you confused about when to consult a non-COVID doctor? Here are some useful insights

Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital: Are you confused about when to consult a non-COVID doctor? Here are some useful insights

With the danger of novel coronavirus still looming over everyone’s head, it may seem challenging to take care of your overall wellbeing. As there are emergencies or situations where you cannot go without an expert’s advice, you may wonder what steps you should take. Although it is a bit chaotic outside, you can still first seek help from your physician or specialist. Some people also recommend online medical assistance. You can also read general guidelines to better understand what healthcare options are safe to avail and how to properly do so during the pandemic. 

Ensuring wellness during the pandemic by Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital

Emergency care

Due to the fear of infection, people tend to postpone emergency care required cases such as appendicitis, heart attacks, or mild strokes. However, this delay can prove to be fatal or lead to lifelong debilitating effects. To avoid this, you should closely observe your symptoms such as breathing troubles, chest pain, trauma, speech issues, weakness in arms, etc. Also, if the pain is intense, you should immediately go to the emergency room.

Urgent symptoms

According to Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital, stomach pain, a sudden increase in body weight, or swelling in any limb are some symptoms your primary care physician or local urgent care center can treat. For these cases, emergency services aren’t needed. 

Doctors also state that patients with a pre-existing medical condition including diabetes, hypertension, or kidney problems, can face such symptoms. Since this is a combination of chronic and acute illness, the patient can get in touch by calling the clinic or using the patient portal. The patient may then have to visit the doctor’s office for a proper examination and analysis of their condition for adequate treatment.

In-person appointments

For some cases, you can’t avoid visiting your doctor. For example, asthma patients taking allergy shots or biologic treatments have to continue their therapy to reap the benefits. These help to prevent asthma flare-ups and allergy symptoms which must be done in person. Similarly, newborns up to 24 months need to receive periodical immunizations and undergo weight checks. For this, pediatrician appointments are necessary. Dialysis and cancer patients also have to maintain their regular treatment schedules. However, if COVID-19 risks seem higher than the benefits you may receive from your treatment, you may consider rescheduling your appointment.

As suggested by experts, pregnant women can use telehealth for supplement counseling. They only have to visit the office if they require lab tests, ultrasounds, etc. It ultimately falls on your gynecologist to suggest the best schedule and means for you, ensuring that you have a reduced exposure to the virus.  

Routine appointments

Some people may have primary care appointments and feel confused about what they should do. If their overall health is good and no apparent symptoms are present, they can postpone their meeting for a brief time. For example, non-urgent dental care appointments or routine cancer examinations for lung, breast, and other cancers can happen later. Just make sure there are no red flags, otherwise, you will need to pursue them with a doctor.

Lockdown rules have eased but the virus and risk of infection are still there. It is better to be careful with your health and be aware of all of your options. It is recommended to reach out to your physician or specialist through virtual platforms or in-person based on the situation.


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