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Best Body Massaging Methods for Fitness and healthy Life

Best Body Massaging Methods for Fitness and healthy Life

Body massage is a unique procedure for restoring the muscular fitness and physical health of your body. There are different types of massage like Ayurveda, Shiatsu, hot-stone, trigger-point, Reflexology, and many more. You have to choose a method that is right for your physiological conditions. There is yet another method of massaging which may suit everyone, regardless of gender and age. That is called the massaging chair. There are many types and sizes of such chairs which you can find online like Panasonic MAJ7 massage chair could give you the optimum solution for your massaging needs. 

Ayurveda Massage – Nerve Relaxing Methods

 Ayurveda massaging can relax your muscles, veins, and the central nervous system. The flow of arterial blood determines how healthy and fit your body is. Stress factors can obstruct the flow and slow it down. You need to find ways for eliminating the obstructions and ease the flow. 

Ayurvedic massages can relax the nerves and the veins connecting to the spinal cord. The massages need herbal oil, ghee, herbal powder and paste. The ingredients penetrate deep into the muscles, tissues, and nerves to provide complete healing effects. The procedures may last for a few days to a few weeks, depending on the type and intensity of muscular and nervous problems you have. 

Shiatsu Massage – Muscle Correction Methods

 Shiatsu is a unique massaging method for correcting the misalignment in the spinal cord and the Para-spinal muscles. Your body posture while sitting, standing, sleeping, and moving may not be in alignment with your spine. It can cause muscle cramps, pain, and numbness in the limbs. Lower back pain and poor circulation are the other problems of poor body posture. 

Shiatsu can cure these problems and much more within a specific time. Your massage expert will diagnose your body and tell you how long it may take for the healing to happen.

Hot-Stone Massage – Body Flexing Methods

Muscles in your body can develop stiffness due to constant stress and fatigue. You could be an athlete, bodybuilder, sportsperson, or an office employee. Your body is under constant stress due to excess of load on the muscles, joints and limbs. 

Hot stone massage can eliminate all the stress factors from the muscles. Relaxation and energizing happen simultaneously. You can experience relief from the limitations like fatigue, muscle cramps, rigidity, etc. Now, your body becomes more flexible. Movement becomes smooth and the fraction between joints reduces considerably. 

Massage Chairs – Complete Relaxation and Healing 

With the massage chair, you can achieve all the benefits which the above specified massaging methods give you. The evolution of these chairs is based on the principles and practices of the massaging techniques from the tip of your neck to the toes. 

Muscle relaxation is the primary goal of the chair. It starts from your spine as the base. The massaging procedures cover the lower back, spine, neck, shoulders, arms and palms. In the lower section of the body, the chair covers your abs, hip, thighs, legs, feet, and heels with the toes. 

Massaging on the chair happens gradually and evenly. The designers understand the physiology of your body and the network of the central nervous system. Hence, they may be able to provide you with an optimum solution for the muscular, neurological, and skeletal problems. 

 You may choose any of the massaging methods to get the desired results.  Massage chair could be an optimum solution if you don’t have the time for the other methods. There are many types of sizes of massage chairs like the Panasonic MAJ7 massage chair which you can try. Consult your physician before you can decide on using any of the above specified massaging methods. 

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