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Best CBD Cream: Buyer’s Guide

Best CBD Cream: Buyer’s Guide

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk lately about CBD, CBD topicals and the CBD cream benefits. It’s not just yet another health and beauty trend. Many people all over the world find CBD an effective way to relieve pain and other ailments.

CBD is part of the cannabis plant but it’s non-psychoactive. The great thing about that is that it doesn’t make you feel high. CBD is usually made from hemp, which doesn’t contain much of the psychoactive compound THC. Other cannabis strands contain much more of this.

CBD has loads of health benefits such as calming anxiety, relieving muscle tension and helping you sleep. People love its calming effects and enjoy using it to help them feel better. CBD creams, on the other hand, are most effective for skin hydration and pain relief as they are used topically.

What Exactly Are CBD Creams and How Effective Are They? 

CBD creams are a type of CBD topical that has a creamy and smooth texture. They are not to be inhaled or ingested like other CBD products. Instead, you massage them into your skin. As the skin has a layer called the epidermis, this protects you from things you put on your skin entering your bloodstream. So, the CBD cream doesn’t even enter your body at all. This is thought of as a safer way to try CBD, especially if you’re new to it. It’s important to note though that because it’s not entering your bloodstream, the benefits are different. Keep reading to find out about the CBD cream benefits.

CBD cream for pain should be massaged in the area that ails you. For example, if you’ve just gone for a long run and have aching calves, massage some CBD cream into your calves. The pain should start to subside after a while – one of the CBD cream benefits is that it’s a very effective pain reliever. Try it out for yourself to see the results in action.

How Much CBD Cream Should You Use?

In general, you can use as much CBD cream as you’d like to on your skin. You may feel the CBD cream benefits more strongly though if you apply more. Smaller quantities can still be effective, however, as effects vary from person to person. Start off by trying out a little bit on your skin and see how you feel. If the pain has not quite subsided, you may want to try applying a bit more.

Before applying CBD cream, you should take off any clothing the cream might touch, as it could stain it. Wash and dry the part of your skin you plan to apply the cream to. Then, using your hands, apply a small amount of the cream. Rub in a circular motion to absorb it into your skin.

Best CBD Cream Brands 

Try the CBD

Try the CBD creams come in a range of varieties. Muscle gel, lip balm, CBD balm, massage oil, and rescue butter. With all these options on offer, you’re sure to find the perfect CBD cream for you. They all have a sleek design with black packaging and rainbow writing.

Try the CBD muscle freeze gel is a full spectrum product. It contains menthol for a tingly sensation and fresh smell.

CBD content in the Try the CBD cream products ranges from 50mg to 500mg. You’ll find the 500mg products very potent. They are high in CBD and will easily soothe your aches and pains.

The ingredients of some of these products include aloe vera for moisture and soothing texture. Some also contain tea tree oil and arnica montana extract. 

These products are designed to massage onto sore muscles. If you’ve had a hard workout or been working in the garden, one of these will be great for you.

The prices of the Try the CBD range are very affordable and vary between $7.99 to $49.99.

Green Roads

Green Roads offer CBD cream for pain to ease painful muscles. They are topical treatments you can rub into the affected areas.

They offer a topical cream, skin relief cream, and muscle & joint heat relief cream. With all these options, you’re sure to find the right product for your needs.

Muscle & join heat relief comes in 250mg and 500mg CBD varieties. The topical cream offers 150mg and 300mg CBD options. The skin relief cream has 200mg CBD. These potency options are great for controlling your dose.

What are the ingredients of these treatments? Let’s take the 500mg muscle & joint relief as an example. It has ingredients such as safflower, bentonite clay and rosemary oil to provide optimum relief.

The prices of the Green Roads CBD creams range between $34.95 to $70.50.


CBDistillery creates its CBD products from non-GMO industrial hemp only. It is grown in the United States using natural farming techniques.

The kinds of CBD creams they offer include a lip balm, salve, relief stick, and skin care cream.

The salve, skin care cream, and relief stick all contain a massive 500mg of CBD. This is a high dose and great for curing aches and pains. The lip balm, of course, has less, with 25mg because of its smaller size.

CBDistillery like to use lots of natural ingredients in their products. Take the skin care cream, for example. It is packed with coconut oil, apricot oil, and sunflower oil as well as much more!

CBDistillery offers its CBD cream products at prices between $9 and $60.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web uses botanicals in their hemp products to give your skin the nourishment it truly needs.

They have two kinds of CBD creams – the cream with CBD and the balm with CBD. Take your pick! The cream comes in an unscented flavor, or with a soothing scent – it’s up to you.

If you’re after the balm, you can choose between the 150mg CBD and the 450mg. The cream has a massive 750mg of CBD in it.

With the addition of botanicals such as menthol and cinnamon in these products, your skin will feel healthy and moisturized.

The balm is $14.99 and the cream retails for $49.99.


CBDfx uses only the finest ingredients in its array of CBD topicals. Use a CBD cream for pain from CBDfx and feel your pain melt away.

They offer a variety of CBD topicals. These include CBD cream for pain as well as CBD balms. They also have bath salts, face cleanser and face masks all infused with CBD too.

The range of balms CBDfx has all come in 50mg or 150mg CBD varieties. The cream comes in either 100mg or 150mg CBD options.

They use a range of natural substances in their products. For example, the muscle balm contains a combination of peppermint oil, camphor oil, and wintergreen oil.

There are 4 kinds of CBD balms you can purchase from CBDfx. These are the muscle balm, moisturizing balm, calming balm, and the overnight recovery balm.
The price range of the balms and creams from CBDfx is between $14.99 – $39.99.

What are the CBD Cream Benefits and Side Effects?

There are plenty of awesome CBD cream benefits. CBD prevents your skin from drying out. This makes it feel smooth and moisturized. Smear some on and your skin will feel supple and nourished.

Using CBD balm for pain is also very effective. CBD relieves pain by reducing inflammation. Use it on the affected area to experience the amazing effects.

If you suffer from eczema, you’ll find that using CBD cream on the area can really help. As it doesn’t dry your skin out, you’ll find it’s a lot better than other products for your skin. It can help your itching go away as well.

Because CBD can increase the production of oil in your skin, it can make wrinkles less visible. Dry skin makes wrinkles appear more obvious. Combat this by using CBD cream.

Using CBD topicals has no known side effects currently. You may find, however, that you are sensitive to other ingredients in the CBD cream so always read the label carefully before using it.

Final Thought

Using CBD cream for pain may not be the most traditional way to deal with aches in your body, but it’s certainly effective. People worldwide are raving about the amazing CBD cream benefits. Because CBD prevents your skin from drying out, people love its nourishing properties. Why not try it for yourself?

We’ve reviewed the very best CBD cream brands so you can make an informed decision on which one to choose. We’ve done all the research for you so now all you need to do is decide on which one is the best fit for you. Whether it’s a balm or cream, 100mg or 500mg CBD – it’s all up to you. They are all easy to buy online and will arrive right at your doorstep without a long wait. Get some today to start living a pain-free life.




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