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Best Cities in the UK to Pursue Higher Education

Best Cities in the UK to Pursue Higher Education

Situated on the northwestern coastline of the European mainland, the land of hope and glory, the United Kingdom is not only known for its British Charm, incredible culture, tradition and vibrant nightlife but also for its top-notch education, healthy work-life balance and world-class universities. 

Drawing about 40-60% of international students each year, the U.K. has turned out to be the World’s leading destination for higher education among both local and international students. With numerous students flooding in every year, its popularity is continuing to grow.

So what makes the U.K. attractive to aspiring students?

Well, apart from vibrant nightlife and famous music festivals; studying in the U.K. will not only provide students with many exciting opportunities to expand their knowledge and advance their language skills but will also offer them with an unforgettable and amazing student experience, unlike any other country. On top of that, the U.K. higher education degrees and qualifications are acknowledged by academics and employers worldwide. 

With that said, studying abroad is a surely a life-changing experience, but it is also very important to make sure that you choose the right university at the right location

While each English city offers something peculiar and distinct than the rest and everyone’s “Best City” to study might not be the same- here are a few of the top contenders 


With an average of 400,000 students and more than 40 higher education institutions, the capital city of London has become one of the hottest spots for students pursuing higher education. Ranked as the World’s fifth-best student city, London houses a total of over 45 universities, including some of the world-renowned universities like Queen’s Mary University, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), University College London (UCL)and the City University of London. Being the core of U.K. culture and one of the most diverse cities in the World, students will never get bored. From live music scenes to 7000 bars and pubs to all sorts of interesting galleries, museums and attractions- The city has it all!

Although the capital city might not come easy on your pockets, you will surely find a wide range of student accommodation options in London (and if you look thoroughly, you might even hit the jackpot). Apart from accommodation, you can save a good chunk of your budget by making your own meals. Surviving in London is a breeze if you are cautious.


If you want to study somewhere charming, exciting and full of opportunities but without burning a hole in your pocket, then Sheffield fits the ticket! The English city is not only known for its thriving cultural scene, vibrant nightlife, and picturesque landscape but is also known for its world-class universities and affordable student housing options. 

Tagged as the U.K.’s best student city, Sheffield welcomes more than 55,000 students each year and is home to two of the well-known universities- Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Sheffield. Generally, the universities offer students (usually, first-year) with on-campus housing option which includes Sheffield Hallam accommodation and Sheffield Uni accommodation.

One of the best reasons to study in Sheffield is its well-placed universities and vibrant student life. With almost all the student accommodation in Sheffieldlocated close to the city centre, students can enjoy the best of Sheffield city life including the city’s thriving cultural scene, delightful restaurants, entertainment scenes, trendy shops, and pubs/bars. 

Newcastle Upon-Tyne:

If there is one thing that Newcastle is famous for other than it’s nightlife is its state-of-art Universities. Located on the River Tyne, Newcastle is home to two of the most prestigious universities; Newcastle University and Northumbria University. Also, you will find many budget-friendly accommodation options in Newcastle including stylish and comfortable studios, private halls of residence, student dormitories and shared flats which are close to the city centre and universities.

Newcastle student accommodation gives you a wide array of room types with different budget choices and world-class amenities to choose from and that you can enjoy.  Plus the cost of student accommodation is all inclusive of utility bills– which is a total win-win! 

Apart from pocket-friendly accommodations, vibrant nightlife and academics, the city also has much more to offer, right from cultural festivals to rich literary tradition, sports, theatre and state-of-art galleries. 


Scotland’s port city Glasgow may not be as popular as Edinburgh- The land of castles, but makes up for it with sheer thrill and excitement. From cutting-edge art to trendy food hot spots, world-class clubs and best in the world music scenes, Glasgow is one of the U.K.’s coolest city to be a student.

Ranked 63rd in the World in terms of education, the city is home to one of the oldest institutions in the U.K.- the University of Glasgow and two other modern universities (Strathclyde University and Glasgow Caledonian University) along with the esteemed Glasgow School of Art. 

The city’s chill vibe and the friendly environment has been making Glasgow a great destination to study abroad and meet new friends from around the globe. You will also find a lot of chic student housing options in Glasgow to choose from which won’t be much of a burden on your wallet either. So pick up your new home from the available city accommodation which includes luxurious private studios, University residences, private student halls and family stays. Also, the rent of the private accommodation in Glasgow is all-inclusive of the utility bills!


Birthplace of The Smiths, Joy Division, Oasis and many more, Manchester is an undeniable choice for concert-goer. The city’s musical culture lives on to this day, with countless gigs and musical events happening every night across the city. Apart from music, the city is also known for its vivid culture, enthralling historical heritage, and some of the best sports facilities in the U.K. 

Ranked as the 24th best student city in the World, Manchester has one of the most significant student concentration in Europe and houses two of the highly-ranked universities- Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester located very close to the city centre.

Note: When trying to figure out which U.K. city to study in, there are several criteria which kick in. Some people are enticed to academic excellence, while some seek that traditional British drinking culture and some are just more focused towards the affordability factor. So take your time, analyse and choose carefully- your choice depends on what you look for in a student city.


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