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Best Design Tips for Nailing Your Next Flyer Templates

Best Design Tips for Nailing Your Next Flyer Templates

Best Design Tips for Nailing Your Next Flyer Templates

Today, flyers have evolved far beyond being just low-key handouts to being artistic pieces of marketing material that can be powerful tools when used properly. The main goal of flyer design is to get people interested in your product or service and then motivate them into taking action by attending the event advertised or buying the product you’re selling.

So what are some of the best ways to achieve that? Here are seven tips for maximizing the impact of your flyer template while keeping it simple:

1. Use color wisely.


The use of color will make or break a flyer design. You don’t want to go overboard with different colors, but instead, pick one color that represents your brand. Then,  add a few accent shades to highlight important elements on the graphic. 

Avoid using too many colors because they will draw attention away from your main focal point. If you must use more than one color, try making them complement each other. You can do that by picking two colors on opposite sides of the color wheel, like yellow and purple or red and green.

2. Know your audience.

It is essential to know your audience before you begin designing your flyer or using a flyer maker. This will enable you to create an image, font, text layout and color scheme that appeals to them. 

If it’s a business marketing its products to other businesses, try using darker, more serious colors like blues or grays. Business professionals usually don’t respond well to bright-colored flyers with light typeface because they convey an unprofessional look. 

A basic rule of thumb: If you’re targeting young people, use bright hues and fun fonts; if targeting adults stick to professional hues in a classic font style.

3. Keep text legible.


Don’t add too much text on your flyer; you’ll just risk losing your audience’s attention quickly. 

The more text you use, the smaller and harder to read it becomes, so keep it simple. Also, avoid using dark-colored text on a dark background or vice versa because this will make the words unreadable.

4. Keep it simple and concise

We’ve already established that flyer design is all about grabbing people’s attention in a split second, so adding small details won’t do anything but distract them from what they should be focusing on — your message! 

Try not to go overboard with images or clip art because this can also have the same effect of distracting potential customers away from your product or service. Simplicity is key, particularly when you’re making an informational flyer.

5. Get interactive.

John Schnobrich/Unsplash

Today’s flyers can do so much more than just inform your audience about a product or service. They can also be used as important tools for interactive marketing. 

For example, you could post flyers for event on social networking sites and ask people to vote for their favorite design or pick the color scheme that they like best. You could even have them help decide what the evening’s entertainment will be by asking them to text in a number if they’re interested in going to a party, meeting new friends, etc. 

This type of promotion is fun. Plus, it gets everyone talking about your business without any extra effort from you!

6. Keep it local.

Since flyers are meant primarily for locals, try using images that represent your area. If you’re a local business, take your own photos, preferably in front of your store or the location where the event will be held. Then, use photo editing software to make them black and white or sepia. 

You can also pick up templates from platforms like Venngage. It offers tons of high-resolution images you can use for flyers.

7. Utilize QR codes.

Claudio Schwarz/Unsplash

QR codes are an excellent way to let people download coupons or get more information about your service or product without having to print it on the actual flyer. Pretty much every smartphone now comes with QR code scanning capabilities, so take advantage of them. You can even find free QR code generators online.

8. Get creative.

Remember, the goal of a proper flyer design is to attract as many people as possible and to give them a reason to come see what you have to offer. Try going out on a limb with your design and use different fonts or images that stand out from the rest. People will be impressed by your creativity and will want to come to check it out for themselves.

When you’re advertising your company at an event or something similar where hundreds of people will be present, there’s no better way to stand out from the competition than with a flyer that people can hold in their hands and share. 

Flyers are cost-effective. They offer an easy way for businesses of any size to market themselves. Plus, they can be designed in a variety of ways.

If you don’t know where to get started, you can check out Venngage today. It’s user-friendly and complete with everything you need to create that perfect flyer. Check it out today and get to pick from its wide collection of free templates for flyers today!


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