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Best DNA Testing Kits – Identify Genetic Diseases

Best DNA Testing Kits – Identify Genetic Diseases

Today knowing whether you have a chance of developing Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Breast Cancer or certain Vitamin Deficiencies is only a swab test away.

A DNA test kit can now not only reveal your current state of health, but also conditions you may be predisposed to. Genetic testing has come a long way than just revealing where your descendants come from. 

Such data gives us the power to become more responsible for our own health and to make conscious decisions based on what our genetic make-up is. Allowing us more effectively optimise our body, mind and overall wellness.

Several genetic testing companies specialise in testing your genes to discover basic metabolic functions, health risks and hormone levels. It is worthwhile keeping in mind that genetic testing is not a diagnosis, but rather an analysis, results and recommendations are based on research associated with a specific gene which has been studied to have a specific outcome with a sample of people.                              

An example is women who’ve developed breast cancer, tested positive for the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene variation; so those who carry that have an increased risk of developing the disease throughout their life. Using these test kits is standard fare, it’s a case of collecting your own samples at home, filling in short, basic questionnaires, posting the packages, and then logging on to interactive websites for confidential results.

Below are some of the brands which offer the best DNA testing kits on the market, providing you with valuable clues to understand your health better.


23andMe were the first company to receive FDA approval to market genetic risk information for certain conditions and have focused primarily on providing consumers with very useful health-related information.                                                                      They provide a wealth of health reports, the genetic health risk tab provides nine reports alone on variants associated with diseases such as Parkinson’s, Cancer and Celiac. Each report determines if a variant was detected and if it presents a risk.                              

There is also a ‘Carrier Status Report’, where you can look at genes associated with diseases that you could pass onto your children, including diseases like cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anaemia; this report outlines if any of the variants were detected.

The ‘Wellness Section’ provides another eight reports on different conditions, detailing whether it’s possible you’ll become flushed from drinking alcohol or if you tend to drink too much caffeine.

23andMe’s ‘Health and Ancestry kit’ costs $199.00.


Recent research has shown the importance of bacteria in the gut, and how microbiome health can be crucial to overall well-being.                                                          Through a process of sequencing, identifying and analysing trillions of active microorganisms, Viome determines their pathways and functions in the gut, looking at RNA, rather than DNA.

Viome run your DNA sample through an AI engine and provide recommendations of what foods and supplements are ideal for your gut microbiome to reach optimal health. Such knowledge can be powerful as a lot of gut issues go unnoticed and foods which don’t suit your microbiome can cause low-grade inflammation leading to autoimmune diseases.

Foods are categorised by Viome by proteins and fats, vegetables, fruits and grains, and herbs and spices, and outline best serving recommendations and what food is beneficial to you and what to avoid.

The Viome DNA test kit costs $149.00.


Orig3n offers a wide range of DNA test kits and uses a simple swab test to collect a sample of DNA. It offers several tests looking at genes associated with beauty, fitness, diet, behaviour and even child development providing you with a vast array of information to help your lifestyle choices.

The company also provide ‘mini-tests’ covering a more focused set of gene variants including: Vitamins, Metabolism, Recovery and Renewal, Hunger and Weight, Skin Health and Appearance.

Obviously, the ‘bundled’ tests offer much better value than buying each ‘mini test’ individually.

The Orig3N ‘Nutrition and Fitness Test’ also costs $149.00.

To note, all DNA test kit companies claim that with your consent, your DNA will only be used for research purposes, so your data will never be sold to third parties. However, it is imperative that before purchasing a DNA test kit you read the company’s privacy policy.

DNA test kits provide you with a comprehensive look at several different aspects of your life, understanding our biology and personal potential is a powerful way to optimise your health and change the environment around you.

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